Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 21

Fitzroy Learning Network FLN is a community organisation, governed by a board of members. Board Members 2011/12 Claire Woods (Chairperson) Anne Meehan (Deputy Chairperson) Heather Stock (Secretary) Keren Dattner (Treasurer) Elyse Brown Rod Crane Annabel Davies Brad Clingin Belinda Harries Rohan Kux Jenny Wajsenberg Staff 2011/12 Executive Officer Colleen Duggan Financial Officer Scott Thornton Administration Officer Rebecca Dimond Computer Clubhouse Coordinator Tara Willersdorf Computer Teacher Anjali Dhaka ESL Teachers Laura Chapman, Jane Cowling, Kristin Hauser, Floyd Kermode, Maggie Krivanek, Heather Scott, Claire Taylor Cleaner Ted O’Donnell Refugee Support Worker Trixie Pavey Volunteer Coordinator Gabriella Raetz Job Club Coordinator Lisa Greenwood Acknowledgements Many thanks to all the students, staff and volunteers who made this report possible. A special thank you to Lorna Hendry, who has produced this annual report. Fitzroy Learning Network 198 Napier Street Fitzroy Victoria 3065 Australia Phone 03 9417 2897 Fax 03 9417 2663 Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report 2011/12 19