Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 17

Job Search Program Case Study 2 J has been part of Breaking Down Barriers for the past twelve months and volunteers on a weekly basis at CERES. J has additional employment barriershe is a mature worker and has a head injury that sometimes restricts his ability to work. J’s gardening work at CERES has allowed him to reconnect with the employment he had before coming to Australia. Improved self esteem and self worth have been important achievements for J. One of the highlights of his time at CERES this year has been helping to build a green house. For J, community connections are more of a focus than employment opportunities. An appointment system operates for those who need more specific job search assistance. On average, we would see 2–3 clients per week. Many of these clients are not currently studying English and may also be in contact with other community organisations. Assistance can involve goal setting, resume preparation, accessing employment websites, looking at training opportunities and finding opportunities for community networking. This is a shorter term service – we would see the client around four to six weeks. Unlike the job service providers or larger organisations such as Brotherhood of St Laurence or the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre, Fitzroy Learning Network is not linked to local employment organisations that will give clients traineeships or work placements. We are also seeing increasing numbers of people on [\ܘ\H\\]X[YH܈H[[Bوݙ\Y[XY\Y[\[[Z[[˜\\[H\X\˂\\H[و\Y[\HZ[\\Y][[[\[ܝ[8$^H[BZYY[Z[[܈\[][]H]ܚ[›ܝ[]Y\][\\[H[[\[[H]\K]H[X\Y[\XY\[HH][[ܙH][H܈\X]]Nœ][\Hۛۈ\H8'ݙ\ M\'KH]H[X\[^[\HقHX]و\X\ݚYYH]BX\[]ܚˈHܘ[H\\YۙY܈H\[HX^HH\]YYHX[[\\Y\X\YB[[ؚ[]KHܛ\YY]ۈHYZB\\܈HYKXY[[X[X]]Y\ˈH]HHYZH^H܈YBXHY[X\[\[[˂HYHوHܛ\[HH ͈NYX\[[[\^\\H[X]Y]ܙX][\X\H]HZH[[ ]HX\[]ܚ[X[\ܝ LKLH]HY\[\YY\[BYX\Xۚ\HYۚYX[][ˈۙHقHYY\\]X[YX]Z‘^H[ܙ\؛ܙ[][HX[˜[\[ۜ˂YHHYH [ؚ[]Hو\Y[H]HY\X^\[ۜ] ]\[\[\Y[]HBX\[\[YH]\HYZ˂HX\وHܘ[H\[X[ۈ\YX]Y[Y[\[Y\[\[[H H܈Z\\\[KH]H[X\[YHB\\Y[وX[ MB