Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 16

Job Club Many of our clients at Fitzroy Learning Network experience a range of significant barriers when seeking employment. Barriers include limited spoken/written English skills, low literacy/numeracy in first languages, little or no experience of an Australian workplace and a limited professional network. Breaking Down Barriers In 2012 five of our FLN students have been busy building up professional networks with local community organisations. The Breaking Down Barriers program encourages its participants to develop attainable employment goals, develop relevant community contacts and learn about a variety of workplaces through weekly volunteer work. This year, CERES, the Fitzroy Toy Library and Sacred Heart Primary School have welcomed our students into their workplaces. Some of the duties performed by our students have included administration tasks, customer service, classroom support and gardening. A commitment to learning English is a major focus of this program- we recognise that English is a major barrier to finding employment in Australia. 14 FLN student volunteers learnt about customer service and promotions at the Fitzroy Toy Library Case Study 1 F entered the Breaking Down Barriers program this year. Her employment goal is to work in childcare services. F has worked hard towards achieving this – she not only attends her daily FLN English class but has also completed most of a Certificate III in Childcare Services – Family Day Care. F has also attended additional English conversation classes for two terms. She completed a volunteer placement at Sacred Heart Primary School during term 2 and volunteered at the Fitzroy Toy Library in term 3. Feedback from these organisations has been very positive. The Toy Library is keen to continue a connection with F, assisting her to broaden her professional network. Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report 2011/12