Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 15

low literacy learners. Students who had never used a computer before are slowly learning to use the mouse, to complete interactive alphabet activities and to type in English. Some have typed whole texts to which we have added pictures and printed for reading practice at home. Of course these activities would not be possible without the support of our dedicated volunteers. Challenges This term, one of the greatest challenges was absence and interrupted learning due to illness or students’ responsibilities caring for sick family members. The class required a more structured use of volunteers to facilitate guided individual learning for those who had to catch up on missed work. This highlights the ongoing need for regular, committed and skilled volunteers in this class as students do not yet have the language or learning skills to work independently. As with last term, it has been a challenge to gain meaningful feedback from learners, or to cover settlement topics that require in-depth discussion, without having funding for interpreters or bicultural workers. It would be wonderful to have on-site bilingual support three times a term. The post office excursion was valuable, but many students have health issues that prevent them from walking long distances, so it would be great to have funding for transport to some more adventurous locations! ESL 2 ESL 2 has had a busy and productive year. From the very first day, the students have worked enthusiastically and diligently to improve their English. Some of the students are so eager to learn that they have to be persuaded to leave their desks for a morning tea break! In addition to all the hard work, there \Y[[Hو[[]Y\[T []\[ۙH\œ\ܝYXX\[Z\YܝX\[\ [ L\\\\X\]Y[HPXY[‘ܛ\ܘ[KY[]H[YY\\B]X\]\][[HHܝ[]HX\B[[]HXY[[X[ܛ\ˈH]H[Y[XH[Yܚ]Hݙ[Hܛ\وY[\[Y\H\\[H[H\ܛH\Y[ܙX]H\XX]Y \YX\ۙ\Y[[Y\[[H\[]TT\\وH8&XZ[ۈ\Y\&Bܘ[KH\ܛYH[YY[TT™]\H[ۙ^H[\Z[Y[XXH[[^\Y[H\[\][Hܝ[]HX\B[\[HܚXH۝^ X[H[\B[ۈ܈Z\\ܝ \\\[\Y[Y\H[][]H\[\]\H\\ܛK[]\[Y[\HY[ۈ\[[š]HY[\H\\[H[\\XX\^KH]H[[YY^\[ۜH[X\H[\[\][[H8&[Z[B[[x&Hܘ\H^X][ۈ]PKX[[[Z[ܘ[BHܘ[HY\\H\X[[[[[ۘ[X[\Y\XYHX[BY[[H[][]HXYX[B\[ۈY[HYYYK\[[BYZ\[ZYܘ[Xܛ[ˈ\BY[\]H[]\[XH]\X[Z[[[\Y\HHYX[YH^B]HY Z\ܝ[]Y\܈^\\B[[^][ۈ\H[Z]YYH[YH[[[[܈X[H]\[\[B[Z[X\[ܜܘ]HY[\^\\H܂ܝ[X]]Y\[Z\YZH][\˂^HY[[ܙHYܝXH][Z\ۂ]]HXH^\\KXXYZ]H]HX\[]ܚHܛ\وY[YY]܈H\\˂H\Y]Hو\X[X]]H\Y[[XYHY[][B[[Hݚ[HH[[\\HX]]Y\\H[\[[ۙBܛ\\^H\X[\H\]BYX[ۈو\[[YYH\X[X\[Z[ˈHYZH\\[™\\[\YH[\X[ۈ[[ۙB[][]K\HY[X\][[Bܛ\YHHX[H\YY[\[Xܛ[˂\ܘ[H\[YHHYۈ[ ӛܝ]H[][]H[[8$[Y[‚]HX\[]ܚ[X[\ܝ LKLL‚