Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 14

ESL Classes ESL 1 ESL 1 students generally come from backgrounds of minimal or no schooling with no literacy in any language. The class focuses on beginner English language for everyday life, settlement and community engagement, balanced with contextualised literacy and phonics activities. This term, students came from Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Vietnam and China. Achievements relevant to our daily lives (such as phone numbers and addresses), money, prices and calculations. Students continued to develop knowledge of social and settlement content relevant to their daily lives, such as postal services, form filling, money and clothes shopping. We went on a class excursion to a local post office, where staff assisted us in practising transactions such as posting a letter, buying stamps, collecting a parcel etc. We also looked at weights and costs of sending parcels overseas. Students are progressing through the Preliminary Course in Spoken and Written English. All students demonstrated improvement in providing personal information, reading phone numbers and copying addresses. They expanded their vocabulary across a range of topics, improved spelling and word-attack skills, and some developed basic sentence structure. Many students demonstrated communicative ability in simple conversations and transactions, such as casual greetings and shopping dialogues. A great achievement was our postcard exchange, where students practised writing short messages to each other, copied final drafts onto postcards, addressed envelopes and actually posted the cards to each other. For many this was the first time they had ever addressed an envelope, and most had never sent or received social correspondence in English. They were thrilled when the postcards arrived at their homes and they could read them with their families. This is an important step in encouraging students to learn outside the classroom and engage in social literacy activities. We also had a stronger numeracy focus this term, working on numbers from 30 to 100, numbers A fantastic addition to the classroom has been our new set of computers with upgraded programs for 12 Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report 2011/12