Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 13

Scholarship Clubhouse member Samry was recently invited to an awards ceremony at Government House in Sydney where she was awarded the Father Chris Riley Youth Off The Streets scholarship. The scholarship will assist Samry as she commences studying at university next year with the goal of studying nursing and completing a postgraduate study in paramedicine. Samry has been a Clubhouse member for over four years and applied for the scholarship with the support of Tara, Clubhouse Coordinator. Congratulations on your scholarship Samry. We know you are a great investment and look forward to sharing more successes with you in the future! Congratulations to Clubhouse Alumni Hiba Bashir and Awien Deng who were both awarded and Intel Computer Clubhouse C2C scholarship. This scholarship provides funds to support their studies at university. To be selected Hiba and Awien had to provide evidence of their participation in the Clubhouse and dedication to their studies. We are very proud of both of them and look forward to sharing their future successes as they are still regular visitors of the Clubhouse. The Computer Clubhouse has partnered with City of Yarra to create a video highlighting their community grants program. Five alumni of the Computer Clubhouse are involved in the entire process including planning, interviewing, capturing video and photographs and editing. The finished video will be shown at the celebration dinner and upload Y–[UXK\\ۙHوH\]\X\x&\\ܛX[ܘ[[YHܚ[]X\H[[[K]\\Y[X\۝[YHܘYX]H[^BۛXYHX\KH[۝[YH™܈ܝ[]Y\\ܝH][Y[و\[[[KHX\H[H\X\ٝ[\]\]]HYX][ۈو\[Y\[Y[ܜ˂X[Hو\Y[ܜ]HY[[Y\[]BX\H܈ݙ\ YX\[۝[YHY[܈BY[X\]H\[ۈ[[\X\H^HY[^H\Y[X[H[[K[[H[و\\ܝ\ݙ\H\ L[۝ˈHXX[[\ۙ\H\ܝ\˜[XZ[[\ܝ[\H[][ۋ[˜[H]Hۘ]YHX\B[[X[H܈[[ H\]\X\H\X[H][Y]œY\\X[]H[Z\[Z[Hو K œݚYHY[\]\[[\]X\ݙ\M[[[K[]HX\B\]\]YKY[H[\ܝHX\B\[\\X[ X\H۝X\˂[Z[H[[\•H\]\X\H\\Y]X[Y[X[ZYܘ][ۈ[H[H8'[Z[B[[x'HڙX [YH]HوX\H[][]Bܘ[ˈ[[Y[[Z\[\ܚY]ٙ\[ۘ[ܘ\\[X\BY[܋[HZYY[HX\ܘ\B[[ZHو[Z[K[\X\[˜ܙX]YH؛Y\[ L[XY\\B\[H\و[^X][ۈ]\][Y]H]\[X[]X[]\]HۈX\ [\][ۘ[Y[&\^KH^X][ۈ\˜\[H]HZY\\XB[H[[HHX]\H^X][ۂ]HX[ۙۈ[[X[X\ LYܙHZ[][H[Z[Y\\X\]Y ]HX\[]ܚ[X[\ܝ LKLLB