FitDiver® SPECIAL EDITION May 2015 - Page 40

Mokomoko: Hand-to Hand Sports

Kuikui: Bare Fisted Boxing

Uma: Hand Wrestling

Kukini: Foot Racing

Pahe'e: Javelin Throwing and Catching

Holua: Sledding Down Steep Rock Slopes

Konane: Checkers (similar to)

'Ulumaika: Lawn Bowling (similar to)

ʻAu umauma: Breast Stroke (swimming)

ʻAu kolo: Crawl Stroke (swimming)

He'e umauma: Body Surfing

Heihei wa'a: Canoe Race

Kimo: Jacks

Hu: Spinning Tops

Hawaiian Games and Sports

Perhaps the most prominent athlete in Hawaiian sports history is the beloved Duke Paoa Kahanamoku. At the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden, the Duke captured a gold medal in the 100- meter freestyle and a silver medal in the 200-meter relay. He won two more gold medals (in the 100-meter and the relay) in the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium. In the 1924 Olympics in Paris, Duke won the silver in the 100-meter event. In 1932 at age 42 he earned a bronze medal as an alternate on the U.S. water polo team during the summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Video by Big Island Television.

Duke Paoa Kahanamoku