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Maui is one of my favorite happy places. The island, nestled near Lana'i and Moloka'i offers spectacular views of shore and sea. The land is fragrant; blooming with tropical flowers and bursting with exotic fruits. The water is uniquely clear and a hue so blue I can feel it on my skin. During the fall and winter months Humpback whales migrate from Alaska to the warm waters of the Au’au Channel between Maui and Lana'i to mate, give birth and nurse newborn calves. The 2015 Great Whale Count tallied 1,488 during the morning hours of Februrary 28th. Sightings from shore and encounters by boat on the way to dive sites are spectacular with breaching, tail flukes, pec slaps and of course, calves mimicking all of these behaviors. Listening to whale songs underwater is only surpassed by feeling the musical vibrations or by chance catching a glimpse of these gentle giants below the surface.

The Maui Muscle & Endurance workout is inspired by the energetic Humpback whale. The exercises along with new functionality in FitDiver® mobile apps, train divers for Drift Diving with an Elephant. Divers who haven’t been in the water in awhile will appreciate Are you prepared for diving? by multi-agency instructor trainer Stephen C. Mendel. Ancient Hawaiians were found to be healthier than other island cultures. Find motivation in the history of the Hawaiian Olympics and learn where to get fresh fruits and vegetables on Maui in Organic Eating in the Islands.

Next on the horizon, I invite all divers to join me at the Scuba Show on June 6th and 7th, and the 2015 PADI Women’s Dive Day on July 18th. In the spirit of Aloha,


Gretchen M. Ashton,


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