FitDiver® SPECIAL EDITION May 2015 - Page 25

retired to work full time in the family canine training, competition and boarding industry.

To keep my health optimal for diving and to keep up with the nieces and nephews, time in the gym is crucial! I enjoy competing in Powerlifting as well as engaging in many outdoor activities including a garden where I grow fresh vegetables.

When looking through opportunities for continuing education and diving specialties, I saw the ScubaFit® Diver Distinctive Specialty. I completed as an avenue to combine my backgrounds in sports medicine and scuba! A perfect fit!

"Hopefully, I can be one of those people that is influential

for someone, in order to advocate our fields of

scuba and fitness; to promote health, well being and

scuba in an enjoyable manner so individuals

will have an activity to enjoy for years to come."


Photos Courtesy of Barbara White