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Heel High Crunch on Ball

The basic crunch is modified by placing the legs over an exercise ball. Before beginning make sure the head is aligned with the spine, the low back is in a neutral position and contract the abs. Gently lift the chin and shoulders upward while curving the spine into flexion. The closer the arms to the center of the body the less resistance. This means arms crossed over the chest will be easier than behind the head. Be careful not to pull on the neck and keep the chin up to isolate the abs. When the natural arch of the low back flattens during flexion of the spine the range of motion is complete. Exhale on the way up and inhale on the way down. For a fun challenge perform the crunch without a ball and feet in the air.

© Gretchen M. Ashton

© Gretchen M. Ashton

© Gretchen M. Ashton