FitDiver® SPECIAL EDITION May 2015 - Page 18

Back Kick on Ball

Begin with an exercise ball supporting the torso, both feet on the ground, and the arms firmly supporting the upper body as shown. Contract the abs and glutes and inhale. Then exhale while lifting one leg. Press the heel upward keeping the leg extended. As the leg is lifted, the ankle joint is extended to a pointed toe of the foot. Inhale while lowering the leg and flexing the ankle bringing the foot back to the ground. Perform the Back Kick on the

opposite leg and continue alternating for repetitions. If keeping balance is difficult the Back Kick may be completed all on one leg before switching to the other side. Beginners may perform the exercise on the ground without a ball. There is no need to kick the leg extremely high or arch the low back too much. Feel the muscles of the buttocks and back of the legs working and know that the low back is gently being strengthen with this exercise along with the rest of the body.

Mini Hyper-Extension

Advancing the Back Kick to a Mini Hyper-Extension is as simple as walking out until the ball is under the hips and raising both feet at the same time. Remember to contract the glutes and abs.




© Gretchen M. Ashton

© Gretchen M. Ashton