FitDiver® SPECIAL EDITION May 2015 - Page 17

Ball Walk Outs

A great way to develop upper body and torso (abs and low back) strength is to support the body on an exercise ball while walking out with the hands. Set up as shown with the ball under the hips or thighs. With arms extended under the shoulders walk forward with the hands rolling the ball along the body until it reaches the shins on the the front of the lower legs. Reverse the direction and repeat while maintaining balance and keeping the ball moving along the center line of the body. Focus on balance and breath rythmically throughout the exercise. This exercise is an excellent alternative to push ups for divers with shoulder injuries.

Once divers have mastered Ball Walk Outs, a push up may be added at any time during the roll out. Beginners may feel the need for more support and perform a push up at the mid-way point while the ball is still under the front of the upper legs and hips.

Push Ups - Feet on Ball

More advanced divers will love the challenge of rolling out as far as possible and performing push ups with just their feet on the ball. In this advanced roll out position it is even more challenging to complete a full set of push ups before

rolling back. It is important to keep the abs contracted to help support the low back as much as possible.

Pike Crunch on Ball

Divers may take the exercise up another notch by flexing the hips while rolling the ball toward the chest with

the feet. This pike position requires a good foundation of overall body strength to perform. It is a great way to add increases in strength for the upper body, abdominals and low back, and improving balance and coordination.




© Gretchen M. Ashton

© Gretchen M. Ashton

© Gretchen M. Ashton