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Dumbbell Swing

Begin the Maui Muscle & Endurance workout with this total body warm-up. Begin by standing with feet slighty wider than hip- width apart. Hold one light weight dumbell in both hands as shown. Keep arms fully extended during the

exercise. Inhale and reach up until the hands and weight are directly above the head. Extend the torso into a slight stretch lifting the heels and coming up on the toes for a moment. Reverse direction while exhaling and remaining in control of the weight. Continue fluid movement by bending at the knees and hips into a seated or squat

position in timing with the lowering of the arms and weight to between the legs. At this point pause for a few seconds allowing the hands and weight to slightly swing back before reversing the direction and standing up with extended arms until reaching overhead again. Repeat this exercise 10 times with proper form, keeping the head in line with the spine and the knees behind the toes. The heart rate will increase to a light breathlessness. Rest for one-minute, sip water and get ready to workout!


© Gretchen M. Ashton

© Gretchen M. Ashton

© Gretchen M. Ashton