Fishhound Magazine 010 - Page 22

The insider Showing Big Bass who’s... Top Frog video by// Scott Martin Hey everybody! Scott Martin here... Hope you’re keeping cool in this crazy heat. I wouldn’t trade this heat for anything, because where there’s heat, there’s topwater bass! Last month, we went over how to fish a few different topwater styles. Now I want to get into one of my favorite baits to throw out on my home lake of Okeechobee: Frogs! I’ll start off with how I like to fish with Buzz Type Frogs that you use almost like a buzzbait to imitate a frog on the surface. Next, I’m going into using Hollow body frogs, great for so many situations. I’ll tell you how to get these bad boys into those hard to reach places. The last video may not be about frogs, but you definitely want to check it out because I am about to drop your jaw with this monster I caught out of a grass mat. You’re definitely not going to want to miss this one! –Tight lines, Page 21 | Fishhound Mag Scott Martin