Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3720 Sept 14-18 - Page 6

6 Sept 14 - 28, 2018 PRO’S POINTER “When I am fishing a frog or flipping matted vegetation, I am throwing the new X-TCB 8 Carrier Braided Line form P-Line. It is critical to be stealthy with both techniques, and with P-line’s new braid, you can make longer casts and it is ultra quiet com- ing through the grass.” – Bass Pro Bryan Thrift GO FOR IT! VOL.37 • ISS. 20 HOT BITES... 1. GOLDEN GATE KINGS… Big salmon are hitting for moochers and trollers. For fish to 30 lbs, anglers are working the Ship Channel and Rocky Point. 2. SACRAMENTO RIVER KINGS… Big beautiful kings ranging 15 to 30 lbs have been the rule for anglers fishing from Anderson to Woodson. Flatfish and roe both work. 3. DELTA STRIPER TROLLING… The fall run is heating up and trollers are hooking up to 30 fish per day. For bass up to 11 lbs anglers are pulling minnow plugs in the San Joaquin. 4. TAHOE MACKS… Limit style mackinaw fishing is on tap for fish ranging 3 to 6 lbs. To hook up troll rigged minnows teamed with blades 100 to 220 feet deep.. GOOD BETS... 5. FOLSOM BASS… Topwater action is available for anglers working Spooks and poppers early and late. The spotted bass average 2 lbs and some largemouths are hitting too. IT ALL ADDS UP 6. EAGLE LAKE ‘BOWS… Trollers are hooking trout to 2.5 lbs while working the south basin. Grubs, flies and rigged worms are all working. TO MORE FISH IN THE BOAT. 7. SANTA CRUZ ROCKFISH… Limit style rockfish action is on tap. Shrimp flies work well, as do metal jigs, soft plastic swimbaits and mooched frozen baits. 8. TWIN LAKES TROUT… Trollers pulling spoons from 20 to 30 feet deep are hooking up. Most of the fish are rainbows that go 1 to 4 pounds, with the occasional larger fish. SLEEPERS... 9. DON PEDRO KOKANEE… The salmon are holding from 50 to 70 feet deep and they are biting. Hoochies and spinners are both hooking fish. 10. BODEGA LINGS… Hot lingcod action continues. Limits and near limits are the rule for anglers mooching whole mackerel and sardines. 11. ROGUE BAY KINGS… Kings are holding at the mouth as they prepare to run up the Rogue. Trollers are scorning while pulling rigged herring. 12. SUISUN BAY SALMON… Shore casters are picking up a few salmon while fishing from the Benicia shoreline. Toss Mepps Flying C spinners for a shot at a salmon. Scott Martin P-Line Pro-Staffer ~ 8-Time FLW Tour Winner COMING SOON... 13. TRINITY RIVER STEELHEAD… Steelheading will get started on the Trinity in October and peak in early November. Both fly and conventional anglers will get in on the excitement. 14. AMERICAN I%YHMQ1!)Mѕ͕ͽѡɥIٕ)܁9́́)ՅĸI)1ѱ ́ݽɬݕ)@1%9Q Q% 01U=I= I =8)M܁ɕɕȁѡѱ͵ѡȰ)ɔ͕ͥѥٔɽٕЁɕѠ)ɽȰչэɅͥɕͥх(Ը) 1H1-M1 O]ѕȁ́ɕ)ѥѼэɅЁ ȁ1 )ȁѡ͠ݥх݅ѕ)ѡє͡ձչ݅)@1%9` I%)ٕ́ɥȁɅͥɕͥх)ȁ̰٥ɅѥɕՍѥ)ɼɕэѽȁȁչɅݕȸ(ظ) =11%9L1-QI=US9ٕ)́ѡѥȁٕȁɅ̸Q)՝Ёѕݽɵ́ɽѡ)͠ѡЁɅѼ̸)ܹ@1)@1͹ȵ՜๥(ؼ4