Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3720 Sept 14-18 - Page 31

VOL.37 • ISS. 20 BAJA ROUNDUP Sept 14 - 28, 2018 31 Hot Late Summer Action On Tap Off La Paz S ummer is rolling out with some solid fishing as town empties of tourists as kids and families head back to school,” related Jonathan Roldan of Tail- hunter International in La Paz. “Hot humid weather with temperatures in the high 90’s and warm waters kept the fishing on the high counts, although afternoon localized tropical electrical and thunderstorms did pop up now and then. The storms usually came after everyone was already back from fishing,” said Roldan. “For our Tailhunter Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fleet, it lived up to its reputation with the fishing spot literally about 100 yards off the beach and tuna breaking within sight of where we launch our pangas. Tuna ranged in size from 10-50 pounds, but the same area also produced some nicer dorado in the 15-25 pound class as well. It was also a hot spot for wahoo as we had several biters in the 30 pound size and a number of fish that bit through leaders,” exclaimed Roldan. “For our Tailhunter La Paz fleet, there dorado to be had. There’s smaller fish schooling right in the bay with larger fish out towards San Juan de la Costa and around the point at Punta Mejia. The smaller fish are as small as 5 pound “doraditos” that we mostly toss back, but fun to catch. They range up to about 20 pounds on the outside. There’s also some rooster- fish biting around Bonanza Beach. But dorado are 90% of the catch with some days better than others,” Roldan concluded. These three amigos had their hands full when they went tuna fishing with the team from Van Wormer Resorts this August. Photo courtesy of VAN WORMER RESORTS, East Cape, Baja. “ Tuna, Dorado & Some Lightning Greet East Cape Anglers T he staff at the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort reported that the weather was a bit tricky on the East Cape this week with some lightning, thunder and early morning rain for a couple of days. Once the storms went away it has been nearly perfect, overcasted at times and it’s been hot with temps in the low to mid 90’s. The water temps ranging from the mid to high 80’s with winds blowing south, south east from 5 up to 14 mph. As far as bait goes there have been plenty of it, including mackerel, caballito, camiseta, ballyhoo, sardine, skip jack’s and more. Bottom fishing has been a great surprise for the crews landing amberjack up to 30 pounds. snapper, cabrilla, pompano and jack cravalle. Anglers working the beach from the marina to the Lighthouse have been crossing paths with big mean roosterfish. Offshore there have been big schools of dolphins, tuna and dorado. There have even been a few whales popping up at the fishing grounds. A beautiful Beach Resort located half way between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, right on the Sea of Cortez Fish Baja’s East Cape at Martin verdugo’s Beach resort Cruiser Packages Include: Room for 4 nights, 5 days, 2 days of fishing, tackle, breakfast & lunch, 28 ft. supercruiser w/captain & mate Call Now For Information! Wahoo have been the name of the game for anglers fishing along the East Cape recently. Photo courtesy of VAN WORMER RESORTS, East Cape, Baja. 3203 Martin verdugo’s Beach resort Call Toll Free: (888) 567-8552 (949) 226-7169 Or 01152 624 141 0054 E mail: