Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3720 Sept 14-18 - Page 24

24 FRESHWATER Sept 14 - 28, 2018 WHAT’S HOT Continued from page 1 to sixty affair. The line starts moving, and then the rod suddenly buckles over. It’s exhilarating. Big catfish are not marlin, but they will put up a determined fight. They usually wallow around and roll on the line, but every once in a while you will hook one that acts a lot like a Chinook salmon. They are capable of making strong runs that pull 20-30’ of line off the reel, and they will really bulldog beneath the boat. Tackle should be on the heavy to very heavy side. Why mess around with light gear? These fish don’t use their eyes to hunt. It’s entirely based on smell. They couldn’t care less if you use 10 pound leader or 50 pound. Thus, I have upped my terminal tackle from 30 pound leader to 50 pound test, and I like the results. Less breakoffs leads to more time fishing and thus more fish landed. Baits and tackle remain the same. You will always catch more catfish by matching the hatch than using any other bait. Sometimes that’s not an option, but anywhere you can use the predomi- nant non-game fish such as shad, carp flesh, Sacramento pike-minnows or suckers for bait, those baits will outper- form all others. In some lakes in the Sierra district, the only baitfish that can be used are dead saltwater fish. I’d rather use a sucker filet, but it’s illegal. In this case, mackerel will have to do. In Western Nevada, carp is ubiquitous, and catfish love to eat them. Most carp die of old age in our lakes, and old Mr. Cat comes and cleans them up as they decompose. Grocery store baits like chicken liver and gizzards are a distant third. As far as tackle is concerned, 4000 size spinning reels loaded with 50 pound braid and 50 pound leaders are the way to go. A pair of 6/0 Octopus Circle Hooks spaced about 5” apart and tied to the line via matching egg loop knots seals the deal. Snell knots would probably work well, but I am also a salmon fisherman, and the egg loop knot has never let me down. I like my 6G2FfVV&W67F6R6ƖRאDt$r6W"F&RGF6VB'VG&ƖvBp7F2( 6ƖF( b&G&fP6rF2&rFR&6`גG'V6FWvVBF67Fpv2VFrWBFFR6&VVW&fV7Bf &F6F6V&B6&2ЧG&WBVRB&70BFvFFR6RF6F66Ff6b3vV"&F#&G2b""FW7@7Fǒ6Ff6&PǒvVv2rr7GW&( fR6VvBfWp&rW2&vB2FR7V06֖rW"fW'6'FǐFW&VgFW"FbB2( ֖FvB66( &vB0FWVBf"&VBFP&B7V'67&F2FFRf66ffW"( "&ssb( "6f4Ss2ssb7VW"FR&pW2vgVǐF7GW&FG&W73FN( 0vV6G7FFR^( 6F6FVVBV66VCB'6V6d40&6FFR7vv2B'FCvVB66VG&FW2FRf6FVBFf@FV6vW"vFW"FRWV7BF( fR&WFVǒ6VvBFV@vBFR2ӎ( bvFW"FVƖ&W&FVǐfBFVWvFW"b6W'6R6r2&VFfR琦bFRW2f6FVWvFW"vVB&PC( R67F"&fR( 6pfN( &R#C( BfFV@VFr&VFB27W'&VFVB'7FVW6&VƖW26Ff6&R7V6W'2f"vW&RF@vFW"VFW'2RRF( BfRFfRW"&BFR7W'&VB'WBB6VV0FB6Ff6&RGW&ǒGG&7FVBFWG2गBW26V6RFR7W'&VB26fW &VB'&vrG2bF7G'6V2FVw'WF26Ff6&RFVfFVǒ'GV7F0VFW'26R6VvB2VFW"FB@vR&6&&BG2&VǒvP6WFrVVBFFR&&B6W6pBFG&vBFVFR6Ff6FBv@GW&RFVFVBBFFF2V"26VVRf6rBW@b&BBFN( 2BbWrFא6Ff6rvR( fR&VVf6rPFB2WG&VVǒvVVGBN( 27@76&RF6V"FR7V&W&vVBvVVG0WfVvFW&7VV67Bg&FR&6( fRvBגgffVBFW&^( 2&BbV&r7W'fR76Ц6FVBvF6F6rFVWBb&Bf'7BbvWGFr&BF6BW&fV7FǐFW7227B76&R( fP&VV6VFVW6ǒ6&rfb&FFR&rBFR7FW&BF26VV2FVWFR&B&VFfVǒ7FB7Fv7v&B6FRF6FRऒF( BvBג&B&VrG&vvV@7&72FR&GF'7vr&B6fR&VVVfrBb66אƖRF22&W7VFVBFRf66pWFR&B'Vr&WB^( @FVfVVƖr"bb6&6R06֖rf&ǒF&W7BFV"WFFP&FR2WG&VVǒfVBN( 2&VW&f6pvFWBW22&6VFVf &B7V'67&F㠣V.( c#b77VW>( bCC2V'>( cs77VW>( bCf66ffW"FV@FvF7V'67&F㠥&VBFR6ffW"FRvW"RB"6WFW V.( b#b77VW2( bC32V'>( bs77VW>( bCs7V'67&F7V6à&V6VfRg&VRDt$rr&fP67Fr&VVvF2V f66ffW FV@7V'67&F7V'67&&RƖRBwwrf66ffW"6"6323CrCcc V"CC2V'2CWr7V'67&F&VWvd3r( "52#U6&BW&W2F66fW R6vGW&R3s