Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3720 Sept 14-18 - Page 23

Sept 14 - 28, 2018 FRESHWATER VOL.37 • ISS. 20 23 Rocky Mountain States, whitefish can Anywhere east of even be caught on dry flies from time to Arlington Ave will see time. On the Truckee, whitefish up to two a major increase in the pounds are best fooled with tiny nymphs homeless population. just off the bottom on as close to a drag There is a lot of litter and free drift as possible. other waste associated Meanwhile, spinning rod anglers aren’t with this ongoing problem. to be out done. Big browns It has made fishing urban are particularly vulnerable to sections of the Truckee pluggers throwing natural less desirable and even colored Rapala’s right at possibly dangerous. dusk. The big browns There are several major are typically tight to homeless camps just east cover, and they will dart of Sparks between Vista out to ambush a Blvd and the Mustang exit minnow plug. off of Interstate 80. - Mike McNeilly Knowledgeable fly fishermen day in and day out will catch some of the nicest wild and holdover rainbows Anglers trolling the West Delta with Captain David Hammond have been rounding up some very nice stripers. and September and October should offer epic striper action on the West Delta. Photo courtesy of DELTA PRO FISHING, Elk Grove. browns in the Truckee. This was proven by Lou Varela of Spanish sloughs with clams, mackerel, anchovies Springs on a couple recent TRINITY RIVER/LAKE and night crawlers. In general, you’ll find outings. Lou reported, Higher Trinity Flows Drive “The fishing has been the cats holding 10 to 25 feet deep. really good. I lost a big Salmon Upriver rainbow the other day ago. WEAVERVILLE- Increased water I also caught a trophy releases into the Trinity River, the result whitefish.” of operational challenges to the Central Lou is a real steward Valley Project caused by The Carr Fire near WESTERN NEVADA of the river, and he Redding, have resulted in good numbers of also noted, “It’s great Truckee River Best Bet for spring run salmon and early fall run salmon to see some whitefish Trout moving into the system. still around. During the “The increased water flows are attracting RENO - While Lahontan Reservoir drought a few years ago, the salmon and a few steelhead,” said continues to fish great for warm vFW FWvW&RFRf'7Bf6FF'&GbG&GWFF'2( RwVFPf6F2FRG'V6VR&fW"2ffW&rv&VǒW6r0&W'FVB6VVrVG&VG2b6FPFR&W7B66W2f"G&WBf2G&W@gVbFVBvFVf6( Цfǒǒ6V7FbFR&fW"V"Wv7F( Ц&R6ƖBFR7VW"&FRg&FPvFVf6&RW7Vǐf6rwVFW2W6rG&gB&G2&P7FFRƖRFRvFvFFV@V6VFW&VBFRvFW &W'FrrW22&6FR&W7B7F2&VVg&ЦF2FVW6pF"6W"G&FR&FW'2&P&WBfW&FFFvFv&Vfr2'WBfǐ&6G&ƖrVw2"G&gFr&RFFRgW'FW"V7Bb&VFRvW vW'2v666ǐw2FRF""672rvFvW2FRvW"FR66&W2vWB'WBFPfBFVFR7VW fWr7FVVƆVB&W77W&R6&RW7FVBV7B`F2( fRWfW FRG&WB&FRBR67F2&VBBF2&W76fP( FR6f6r7V6W772f"&氧FvFR7B66V26V7FFf60vFW76VBBFP&&rv2FVBVwW7B#RvW'22ƗGFRFVvW"66RFRf6g&fW&FF&WBvW7B46'&G'V6VR'WB6PF6W'FW7bTdbtEt( 2uTDR4U%d4R&VFFr&RBv2FrFRW7VƆW0vFFRvW"fw2( 6B'&G( FW( &PvW&VB'6VVWBFWVF&RFB7FPF76rWB6&RBGV&2g&ФWF&&G2rf&R"F#SFV2Wv7FF&VrV7F6G( ЧFR&vBWF&&BF"f"&FrVVB&vW'2f6rvF7&vW'2@Wv7FR&Rr6RVƗG&&rG&WBrFBvFW"2frBWBbFRR( ĒfV( BV&BFrvB"&BG&GRG&WB6B&6&70tU5BEdTEU$PttUEDU tU5BTDtP7FFVǒ( FFVB'&G@F#.( 6vW0F&6W 2^( n( #( tU5BD$E0tU5CW&6( 2VFW"vVƗGF&G0d4"5%T4PtU5BDTD7G&W"&FR6W2WBvW7B%$4B( VwW7Bv2খ7&VF&RFFRvW7BFVFFW&0b7G&W"f6r( &VFVB6FFf@BbFVF&f6r( &FFPVFGBVƗGbFRf6FR77FVЦ2&VVrFvR&RFPfW&vRb&VǒV&&Rf6V6( Ю( ĒvBגW'6&W7B7G&W"vPG&ƖrFR62&fRFR&f7F'&FvRF2vVVVB( &W'FVBf66ffW &VFW"&&vw2( FRf6vVvVB@r#"VG2WBBvgFW"FrFPvVvBFRf66VB6v6&V@էW&7'7F֖rFVBvF'&v@v&6VvB7G&W'2FPF7BbFVvW&R2FBVG2vF6WRrFVFW'2֗VB( Ф&BvW'2&V( B&W'FrFV67V66W72BF2BGVRFFRf7BF@FW&R&RG2b67G&W'2&VB`RvBFf6vF&BvvF&vRƗfP&G2FF66W&vRFRƗGFR&B7FVW'0g&W76rvFW"vV"7GW&vV&V6ƖB&FRFPFVWW"'G2b7V7V&6&PBVV&RFRF&G26Ff6f6r&V26ƖBFf vW'2rf"&VrFFPvFW"v&7W'&VBVFvW2FR6W VV7G&0"v0$4T@CBÓ&VVԖe$ХF2ff&F&Pf6r6R'6ƖrW2FFVV7G&0"v076W27GƗ6@V7Ff6R6rvFR( "7F&R( "&ג( "v&vV&R( "ff&F&PtU5B#>( dD( FR6Ɩf&6W.( У"&VG2$%6f2'FGGbV6&P6&W@W b#N( G&GVP6vPWw&FPtU5B0bF#N( VV7G&0"v06R6VRFRWrvW7BF&G2( tRRBt%DDRE$d^( ТbcS"cc33#&wF&BBV'֗243spf"FVW&f&6R@6fWG&VBFRvW.( 2V&Vf&RW&FrW"F&P&GV7Bv2vV"W'6fFFFWf6RvR&FrwwrV'W&WF&&BWB( "wwrV'W&WF&&F&R6