Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3720 Sept 14-18 - Page 22

22 Sept 14 - 28, 2018 FRESHWATER REPORTS: CONTINUED FROM PG 17 SHASTA/WHISKEYTOWN LAKES cont. trout action was fantastic every day.” “I usually favor the McCloud Arm, but with the fire activity up there I opted to stay on the Sacramento Arm. The trout were holding around 60 feet deep and they hit a variety of different lures. The best thing I used was a cop car colored Speedy Shiner in the large size trolled at 2.5 to 3.5 miles per hour,” reported Baxter. “Most of the trout I caught were rainbows that went 2 to 3.5 pounds, but I also got 4 brown trout. All the browns were over 3 pounds. The largest one on my Rapala digital scale weighed 5.56 pounds,” Baxter exclaimed. Bass fishing is good to very good. Throughout the midday hours hooking up is all about working soft plastics in 20 to 50 feet of water. The most exciting action is the walking bait bite that takes place early and late. Get tight to the shoreline and make long casts parallel to the bank. When working plastics most of the bass being caught are 1 to 2 pound spots. On the surface lure, you’ll catch plenty of spots, but there are some largemouths that range up to and beyond 5 pounds in the mix too. Shasta is currently just over 60 feet from maximum pool and boat launching is in full operation at several locations around the lake. VOL.37 • ISS. 20 FRESHWATER There are zero fishing reports coming out of Whiskeytown. There should be some big late season kokanee up for grabs, but fishing has been on hold due to the massive fire that burned the area surrounding the lake. TAHOE Mack Bite Ranges From Slow To Good Depending On The Day SOUTH LAKE TAHOE - “We had a mix of everything this week from good fishing to a very slow pick bite along with some big surprises in the form of double digit macks. We’ve had macks up to 20 pounds this week. The bite is going to be STAMPEDE stabilizing over next few weeks with RESERVOIR lakers and kokanee on good jig bite,” exclaimed Mike Nielsen of Tahoe Trollers Nail Topliners Sportfishing. Quality Kokes The Tahoe Sportfishing Team is TRUCKEE – James putting their clients on exciting mixed Netzel of Tight Lines bag action. The kokanee bite at the Guide Service finished south end of the lake is hot with his season off at limits and near limits coming in when Stampede Reserovir salmon are the target. with superb kokanee Tahoe Sportfishing skippers are salmon action. using minnows and flashers to “My last trip of the year hook macks that average 3 pounds produced phenomenal and range up to 10. Last week a fishing,” said Netzel. handsome 4 pound rainbow showed These anglers smacked limits of quality Stampede Reservoir kokanee “My three clients were up on a mackinaw trolling adventure. while fishing with Captain James Netzel in late August. done with their limits of “The kokanee bite has gotten really Photo courtesy of TIGHT LINES GUIDE SERVICE, Loomis. kokanee by 10:00 a.m. good at Tahoe,” reported Reggie We eeeded through at Wilks of Carson City. “The kokanee least 50 or so 12”-15” to get our boat at Stampede are bigger, but I really love when it was still dark and then the limits to over 17.” catching them at Tahoe. I’ve been scoring fishing slowed down when the sun hit “Since we began our season at the with hoochies and blades from Paulina the water,” he noted. “However, during lake, we experienced the best fishing Peak Tackle in Reno. I’ve gotten limits of the last two weeks of the season, the kokanee to 13 inches the last three times best fishing began after the sun hit the I hit Tahoe. I also picked up an 11 pound water.” By Cal Kellogg continued from page 7 mack on a micro hoochie, so there are “On the final day, we started across some good lakers hanging around the the lake from the ramp and then worked a gaudy colored bait for working muddy sink and retrieve it such that it bangs and salmon.” toward the dam. We started at 50 to 60 or stained water and there is no better bounces off the rocks. Mickey Daniels of Mickey’s Big Mack feet deep and then went down to 60 to finish for this work than the tried and true If you are working a fairly deep rocky Charters has been enjoying solid action 80 feet deep after the sun hit the water. at the north end of the lake. Mickey’s chartreuse, orange and black combination bank when the water is cold and the bass We used the Paulina Peak clown pattern clients have been hooking mackinaw up micro hoochies behind a new prototype known as firetiger. are not responding to the bait when it is to 7 pounds. Some fish are being kept for dodger.” Before we start thinking about how bounced along the rocks, a yo-yo type the table while the others are tagged and After taking a couple of weeks off, to present these baits let’s consider the retrieve might be the ticket. To do the released. Mickey employs a variety of Netzel will begin fishing for salmon type of tackle you’ll want to employ. yo-yo, make a long cast along the length of different lures for his fish including Shasta on the Sacramento River in the Like most cranks, lipless crankbaits sport the bank over 10 to 20 feet of water. Allow Tackle Kok-A-Nuts teamed with Sling metropolitan area. small trebles that are prone to tearing the bait to sink on a tight line. Blade dodgers. - Dan Bacher HOW TO out if you use a rod that is too stiff. For this reason, reasonably flexible sticks are a wise choice, with fiberglass cranking rods offering the best chance of avoiding mishaps. You’ll want to team the rod with a high- speed bait caster that has a gear ratio of at least 6.4 to 1. 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