Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3720 Sept 14-18 - Page 17

FRESHWATER VOL.37 • ISS. 20 GONE FISHING There were lots of fish on the graph, and we were soon hooked up with our first Flaming Gorge koke! I was running a Vance’s watermelon dodger with a pink Yakima Bait Tight lines kokanee rig with a plain piece of shoepeg corn at 55 feet deep when my rod in the aft downrigger bowed to the water. I jumped up and grabbed the rod just as a silver missile erupted from the surface of the lake 75 feet behind the boat and the fight was on! Everyone who has caught kokanee know how well they fight for their size, and this one was about 19 inches long and tearing drag off the Daiwa Lexa 100 reel like a freight train! After that first jump, he headed straight down, keeping a tremendous bend in my lightweight Cousins Rod. He stayed down and fought valiantly until I was able to ease him the back of the boat and Mark netted him. What a great way to start our trip! We fished until about 2 pm. It was unusually hot – up to 95 degrees in the afternoon, even at the six-thousand-foot elevation. We ended up catching a total of 34 fish, which included 4 mackinaw to about 3 pounds. The kokanee ra