Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3720 Sept 14-18 - Page 13

Hunting Journal VOL.37 • ISS. 20 Bob’s Marine Of Modesto Is Featuring Alumacraft Waterfowler Boats This Fall B ob’s Marine has been in business as a full sales, Alumacraft’s legendary all-welded hull; reinforced service and accessory dealer for over 25 years in with heavier, wider and stronger ribs. the same location. That makes the entire jon boat stronger, Bob’s has two full time certified more rigid, and extremely durable. Mercury, Bombardier, Volvo and You’ll find outstanding Yamaha techs with over twenty workmanship and heavy years experience to take care gauge construction the of your service needs. entire length of the Bob’s fully stocked parts boat. Back it up with department is managed a reliable outboard and by another ex-technician put that boat to work. with over twenty-two years Bob’s Marine is located experience with Bob’s Marine at 1608 Oakdale Rd in company alone. Modesto- (209) 551-2165 Bob’s carries a full selection of accessories including skis, kneeboards and wakeboards. They offer a large indoor showroom with over twenty boats on HURRY! the f "6R666f'B4RTE0V"r6FVB42"7&W2&.( 20TDPE$ttU D0VGb&f"u$TBDT%4ĔrU2DD&vRfVF'bWpB&RvVB&G2tDU$dtU"`FRV7&g@vFW&fvW"`V7&g@vVFVBFW"&G2&RFR7FF&@f"GW&&ƗGv&Ц6BW&f"Ц6RFW6R&@v&rЧ6V6R&G2&R'VBCW&7W'B7G&RVvR( "UFW"G&W V7Ff6R( "6rf"6R&6W23c# .( 2$PcFR&B( "FW7F4S3SP#SS#cR( "wwr&'6&R66Х6WBB##76&VB'076Rb&VRVFrf VFW'2bWfV0GV6VG2fFVB&6RfVG2vR&R'VrGvGV6&ƖG2F26V66&ƖBBfW"Ц&ƖB&F7&W2b&fFR&W'GFRV'Bb&6fR'WGFR6VG&6fR2vf"G2&6RfVG2BvFW&rvFW&fvv6W2F2&W'Gw&VB&GV6W"bGV62BvVW6RC#SW'66vRF&vWB6w2B7V62vFG'fVBv6RVG2vR'VVvBVFW'2FB6VFW'2֖V( 2w&W2b6vvWBFRvRfVBFFVЧ6VfW2bRfV( BWW&V6VBvBv6RVB'rW2FV60vFvVW6RFr&vBg&BbRvfRRBגFV6BvPvvWBRFR&&G2C3W'6dBU2ࢃS3SsSfvvVFW&wVFW6W'f6TWF6ЧwwrfvvVFW&wVFW6W'f6R6У3s#