Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3715 July 6-20 2018 - Page 39

BAJA ROUNDUP July 6 - 20, 2018 VOL.37 • ISS. 15 “ 39 Billfish, Dorado And Tuna Delight Cabo San Lucas Anglers I t was another great week of fishing here in Cabo, with the marlin num- bers still strong and still more tuna,” said Captain Tracy Ehrenberg of Pisces Sport- fishing. “The dorado have finally shown up, with 17 of them caught by Pisces boats this week. The water and weather is definitely warming up here, giving us a strong start to our June season, and looking forward to the Tournaments beginning this week.” “Top billfish boat this week was once again, our 31ft Pisces Rebecca, with 21 billfish, caught and released. This included one sailfish and an astonishing 9 striped marlin caught and released in one day, by solo angler Jon Svendsen, from Scottsdale, AZ on May 31st. His marlin ranged in size from about 100 to 120 lbs each and hit on caballito bait out at Destialderas on the East Cape,” said Ehrenberg. “The sailfish caught aboard the Rebec- ca was about 150 lbs and hit on caballito bait out at Punta Gorda. Anglers Jordyn and Maurice Sessel released the fish along with 1 striped marlin of about 120 lbs caught there as well,” Ehrenberg related. “For tuna, The Pisces Knot Workin caught 16 yellowfin, all around 15 lbs, on cedar plugs and feathers, out of the Old Lighthouse as well as 1 striped marlin, which hit on caballito bait and they released. Anglers were Geoff Johns, Jef- There are some big bull dorado cruising the East Cape. This jumbo fish was caught on June 6. Photo courtesy of VAN WORMER RESORTS, East Cape, Baja. LOCATED JUST Deep Sea -- Fly -- Surf -- Night -- All Year -- Tournament Fishing at its b W7BU4sS"3SSPD$T5Ccc3"C3P3sPg&Wv&v6WfV6W"6FW76B7FWfRF&W&rg&FW2( Ч6BV&V&W&r( W"3gB66W2'&66F@fW'vVF2vVVvFr7G&VB&Ɩ6VvBB&VV6VBRF'vW'0g&6Ɩf&FR&Ɩ&W@#FC'2vW&R6VvB&ǖ&BWBBFW7FFW&2BBǒF@'&6FvVvF&Ɩ'WBFWvW&RW"FF&F&BF2vVVvFRF&F6VvB#FFR7@&B6VvBRFFRF&FvW&R6vWfW"&vr&WGvVVR'2BFWFB&VV6RfWrFRF&FBfVFW"B6VF"VpW&W22vV26&ƗF&BGFrW7@fbbFRBƖvFW6R&WBB֖W0WBFW6fVB2VvfFW&Rv6BFR6RW&W2BvVvV@&WBRF#'2V6vW'2vW&RRЦƖ&6&G6BvƖvW&rg&Ф6&F( W6VBV&V&W&r( 2bFW6R6F6W2vW&V( BVVvf"FRvVVFR7&WrbFR'&6BvVvW'2FV&'&66Pf&V6G62BFV&&f76W"g&FR'FvW7Bv&2vPf6rtttbw&WvvW&RW&P6Vb&v旦VBFW&VBfV@FV6VfW2F6rWfW'&bW"7@6VvBgFW"7V6W2Ɨ7BF2vVV#FFW6VvB7G&VB&Ɩb&W@3'2v6FW&VV6VBWBg&Х6F&F&Fb&WB'26&ƗFFW&R2vVBBVvfGVb&WBF'266RF6RЦFW66VvB6R&7FW&f6`&WB3'2v6B6&ƗF&BWBg&Bb6V( Ю( BFR'&66FVBFP&vW7B&7FW&f66VVFRvVVvF2&7FW'26VvBb#B3'2'6RbFRvVbFRtttbw&WVf'GVFVǒFW6RvW'2FV6FVBFVWFV7FVBb&VV6rv6vP7G&vǒV6W&v^( bFW66VvB&VB6W"bR'2WG6FRb6V6&ƗFB2G&vvW&f6'6VЦ֖r( 6BV&V&W&r( 66W2&G26VvB#f6FFF0vVVvFcr&Vr&Ɩ&VpGVrF&FBR&Vr6W"vPf6'WBGv&ƖvW&R&VV6VB@6F6Ɩ֗G2vV&W7V7FVB( V&V&W&p7VVBW