Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3715 July 6-20 2018 - Page 31

July 6 - 20, 2018 FRESHWATER VOL.37 • ISS. 15 Colin Brown of Alamo caught and released a four-pound bass while using a plastic worm in the arroyo. G. Rezendez of Union City caught and released two bass while fishing Senkos from a float tube in the arroyo. - By Dan Bacher from Lewiston Dam until the summer base flow of 450 cfs is reached June 30. The releases for this “critically dry” 2018 water year will result in an annual total volume of 369,000 acre-feet. Rainbow trout continue to provide the top fishing at Trinity Lake. Shore and bank anglers are targeting the trout at the mouths of the tributaries. They’re fooling the fish with PowerBait, salmon eggs, nightcrawlers, spinners, spoons and flies. Bass enthusiasts are hooking largemouths and smallmouths while using everything from swimbaits to Hula Poppers at Trinity. The dredger piles at the north end of the lake, as usual, are producing some of the best action. The fish range from undersized to 4 pounds. Trinity Lake is holding 1,803,879 acer feet of water, 74 percent of capacity and 86 percent of average. - Dan Bacher SHASTA/WHISKEYTOWN LAKES Whiskeytown Kokanee Hot, Shasta Trout Bite Rebounds WEST DELTA A Little Bit Of Everything Is Available For West Delta Fishermen These anglers landed full limits of hard fighting kokanee salmon while fishing Stampede Reservoir on June 7. Photo courtesy of TIGHT LINES GUIDE SERVICE, Loomis. the midday hours drop shot rigs are the best choice. Most anglers are getting 20 to 40 fish per day. Lake Shasta is 25 feet from the top and dropping about 4 inches per day. STAMPEDE RESERVOIR Early Limits of Kokanee Reward Trollers TRUCKEE – Kokanee salmon fishing continues to be hot on Stampede Reservoir, where anglers are picking up early limits of quality fish. “We’ve been catching around 50 fish by presents… 3714 LAKE PARDEE TEAM KOKANEE DERBY SATURDAY, JULY 14, 2018 $600 FIRST PLACE (based on 125 anglers) Lots of Prizes – Cash paid to 15 th Place Entry Fees: Adult $45 (Non Member $55) • Junior Members FREE w/paid adult Register Online at: Check in Friday July 13 at Pardee Boat Ramp from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. All persons in each boat W7B&P&Vv7FW&VBFRFW&'( 2U4UD2f6r7F'G2BS3( 2V6&Vv2B3( 06VFVBvFVG'fVW2vVv7F'G2BW7B&RvVvƖR'"( 2U4UD26&Wf6֗F( "cSS32C ( "fVWvW"&r( "wwrVWvW"&p76&VB'd4U$( 0t$TU4PFWfW'F( 6BW0WGVbFvBƖW2wVFR6W'f6R( FPfW&vRf6v^( &RVWr2vrPFb6W2rv^( fR6VvBƖ֗G2WfW'G&( Ю( v^( &RG&ƖrB3RFSRfVWBFVW( Ч6BWGV( FW&R2Bb&BG&ff2vF&WBSFc&G2W"FFW&P2FffW&V6W2&WGvVVvVVF2@vVVVG2( Ю( Ğ( fR&VVW6rVƖV֖7&Ц6W2W'RRVFR@6G&vRF6W2&VBFPVƖVFFvW'2( 6BWGV( ĖFFFFVRv^( fR&VVp&VB"7WGF&G2WfW'G&( ХE$ER$dU 7&r626r&fW %$4BN( 2&VVB@gFVvGBFRFVF'WBFB6( @VWrvW'2g&rWFR7G&W"f6rg&B&FG&ƖpB&Bf6rfR&VVVffV7FfRf FVFrFR6V6&72FR7G&W f6r6( BB'WBbRWBFRFPR666&RƖ֗Bbf6FRBFVB672FR&W7BG&Ɩr2Fr6RFP6VBFR6V2&fR&f7FFRFbFRFFR2FR&W7BFRFVW'VrէW&7'7F֖w2fP&VVv&rvV&BvW'2&Rf6rFRVFvRbFP66VV"FRvW"ƖW2vF7V66W72FR&W7B&G2fR&VV6BRv&26&FW2B6fW27GW&vV&Rf&Rf"vW'0v&rFVWvFW"&V27V7V&FRF&G2f"7GW&vVfR&VV&PBVV'WBR֖vBvB6VV7F`6&&G2F6Ff6vW'2&RWW&V6r6Ɩ@f6rFRWfVrW'2BgFW"F&vRf6r6W"6Vv262&RFP&WB&B'WBv&6fW2B66VƗfW'2&Rv&rF&6&727F2vFW7&VB@W6VVB67v&G26V27&VGW&R&G2B6GFW &G26FVRFf6FRfW&vR&vVWF2'Vr"F0VG2vF6PV6&vW"f6֗VBFRg&r&FR07F'Fr'WB6( @ƖVǒFBG07G&FRVFVǐ&2&VBtTdU%dR( 26vW'2fP&W'FVB6F6r7&V6rV&W'0b7&r'V66FPG&G&fW"g&FR'Ff&F&fPV7F6G( ėN( 2B&VBB'WBFW&RVVvf6FB6R&P&Vr6VvB( 6@F'&Gb'&G( 07'FrvG2( 7BbFR6&RrFVG2vFfWr&vvW W2vW'2&P6F6rFV&Pf6r&RBGV&2Bb6f6W&V&RGFpFR&fW"V&ǒFP&r&Vf&Rv&"FRFRWfVpRD4U%d4PgFW"v&( ХFR'W&VR`7FF2vFFV@&V6Fv&Fv&VV6W0&RVV7G&706W2( "6W'f6R( "7FF7V( 0VV7G&0&PbCr3cG&ƖpF'0f6fFW'0u0d`&F0&F &GFW&W0@6&vW'0$TDDrbRƗfR"vBFG&fVWFFR'FfWf6r'GVFW0&RvFW7&VBBv6WFvFPVR&FR2fW'vBFR67FG&W@&FR2vWGFr&6G&6gFW"'&V`6vFvB6R&rf6&RWf w&'2( ĒF( Bf6VBf"VR@v6WFvf"VFRvR'WBvFFPf6'Vr&vRvFV6FVBFFRG&WFW&Rg&67&VF7BvVV( Ч&W'FVBf66ffW"FVB&VFW FVB7WFW"( ג'&FW"FB26v'VBRFRG&( Ю( vRvBgVƖ֗G2bf6GvF2&rFR6W7Bf6vRWBv2@6W2BW"&vvW7B6V7W&V@W7BfW"r6W2Bv2&&&ǐW6r"VG2vRvBW"f6f6^( 26&RBw&VVFFvW'2FVV@vF&vRBf6^( 26W0FVBvF6&6VB&GGV&Ф7W&RFR&W7BFWFf"W2v2&WGvVV3RBSRfVWBFVW( 6B7WFW"B67FFRG&WB&FR6vVBFvf vVV"6'WB26֖r&6r7@bFRG&WB&Vr6VvB&R"F2V@&&w2'WB'&v2FVG2fP&VVFVB&V6VBF2f&WGbFffW&VB72&RFpFRFvRB67FbV6RVФFvW'2&RvB&WB2&R +V6P7F7FW'2B&6FW2&vRW6V0B&vRVVFVf66RvW'2&PW6rFFvW'2'WBFR&W7B7F2&VV6֖rVB6BGFW&70G&VB3FcfVWBFVWg&"RF2֖W0W"W"&727F2&VVfF7F2B67Ff"ǒ7GFVB&72'WBFW&R&R6P6WF2B&vVWF2FR֗FFRf6&Rr7VW"GFW&FWfRW&֖VB&67G'V7GW&PV&ǒBFRvVFR7V2vFWfRfg6&R&V7F&G2@FvFW'2v&vVFRf6&RWGW&p3&vW7B6W'f6P6VFW FRvW7B