Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3715 July 6-20 2018 - Page 23

MAP FEATURE VOL.37 • ISS. 15 July 6 - 20, 2018 23 Caples Lake Resort Facts Location: Caples Lake Resort Is located in the historic Carson Pass Area of the Northern California Sierra on the north shoreline of the 600 acre Caples Lake at 7806′ ele- vation. It is 1 mile east of the Kirkwood Mountain Resort, at 1111 California State Highway 88. The resort is 30 miles from South Lake Tahoe, California, within the El Dorado National Forest, under a USFS Special Use Permit. Features: • 9 Cozy housekeeping Cabins overlooking Caples Lake and the High Sierra Mountains. • A 2 story Lodge with 6 B&B Lodge Rooms, on the shore of Caples Lake. • A Marina with boat rentals, boat launch, a bait & snacks store, and trophy trout fishing. • Area Activities: camping, hiking, biking, boating, fish- ing, solitude photography. • An unparalleled view of scenery, nature, wildflowers, & 4 seasons of colors. • Renewable Energy – Off the Grid and Green. Campground: The USFS Caples Lake Campground is op- erated across Hwy 88 by Sierra Recreation Managers. Season: The resort is are from Memorial Day through October and from Christmas until April. Fishing is open year round for rainbow, brook, brown and mackinaw trout. Caples Lake usually freezes over by early December and becomes a playground for ice fishermen, cross country skiers, and snowshoe trekkers Wildflowers: The volcanic ridges left behind as the gla- ciers receded from the Carson Pass area form a perfect habitat for wild flowers. In addition, because plant envi- ronments range from scree to open pasture and from seep to bog, a variety of species flourish. Peak bloom here is usually in mid-July, with flowers so dense and so various that a walk, even a short, easy one, can take the better part of a day. Bring your camera! More information: Contact Caples Lake Resort by call- ing: (209) 258-8888 or email us: reservations@capleslak- The website address is http://capleslakere- Mackinaws like this one provide a trophy fishery at Caples Lake. Photo by courtesy of CAPLES LAKE RESORT. boxes (ASBs) at Caples. One box was installed just below the lake’s spill- way, one at the E.I.D public A total of 78 anglers responded to the survey in 2016, an increase from 67 respondents in 2015. Cumulatively, these anglers reported 154 fish landed in 2016 compared to 48 in 2015. The average catch per angler and hours per angler was 1.97 and 4.0, respectively in 2016. Average catch per angler in 2016 increased more than two-fold from 2015 (0.72), while the hours per angler in 2016 was almost identical to 2015 (3.9). “Anglers reported using bait, lures, and flies while fishing at Caples. Five anglers (6%) used flies and had a 3.0 catch/angler average in 2016. This was the highest identifiable gear used to take fish in 2016. In 2015, the one fly angler caught no fish, which had the lowest catch W"vW"2vV( Ч6BWvr&FVǒR3@bRCbbf6FVBvW&R&&w0#bB#R6'&W7Fvǒ( RG&WB6&6VB&ЦFVǒ6W&6VBbf6FVB#bB&FVǒfW"W&6V@#R'&G&WBB'&vG&W@6&VBF&RW72FffRW&6V@bFRFF6F6#b6WfVGW&6VBbFR&&rG&WBFBvW&PV7W&VBvW&RW72FB6ЦW2FFVwF#bv60667FVBvF#RBsb^( Wvp7FFVBvW'2&W'FVBFr6WfVࢃRRbFFf6FVBf6w&VFW F#6W2#b667Fr`F&VR&&w2GvRG&WBBGv'&v2vW'2&W'FVBFrffPRbFFf6FVBf6w&VFW F#6W2v66VFVBF&VP%BBGvB#RFFvFW&VBg&FR6W0R7W'fW2F6FW2vW'2@6VvBW72FRf6fW&vPW"F#Rs"'WB#`6F6W"vW"7&V6VBF7@Gvf6W"Fr( FR7&V6R6F6&FRBFЧFf66VvB&RGVRFFRvV&W"bfvW&Ɩr6R%B7F6V@#BB#Rv6fRw&vF6F6&R6RFRV&W"b&RЧ7FVG2#bv2s7&V6Pg&cr#R( 6BWvr( Ф7F&6ǒFRv6RFG&&Rg&6'6fWvV@VBf6Bf&vRFR7VW &VB6W2R&vǒv2GvW2&V6W6RFR&vVFw2BGv6rW2Ч&FVǒ6fVWBFVWFRFFR'FvW7B6FPBFR7vFRvW7B6FR`FRRvW&R67G'V7FVB#"@&6VBS"ख"f72&VvBFR&RЧ6'BBFRV;vFW"b0VGW&VB6W2b6r&vpF&VvFRv2vFw2F'2@&g2g&VW2'&VvV'W&@WvW"ƖW2&vWFvRVFW"B6FR7VW"b2FPRFvVB&V6&BFRVǒ&BFRf7>( 2fRWBFR&W6'@VWfW'vFW"66R"W6W@f"66rFRvFW"bGVPFFRG&VvBV'2f"&Rf&F6F7@6W2R&W6'B##SӃwwr6W6W&W6'B66W2F2RbFR&WGFW"&V2f"6&RvW'2F6F6G&WBFRRF'D$4U"f66ffW"7Ffb