Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3715 July 6-20 2018 - Page 22

22 July 6 - 20, 2018 MAP FEATURE VOL.37 • ISS. 15 If you like gorgeous High Sierra scenery, it’s hard to beat Caples Lake in the Highway 88 Corridor. C Photo by DAN BACHER, Fish Sniffer Staff. Caples Lake Yields Abundant Rainbows, Trophy Browns & Mackinaws aples Lake, an El Dorado Irri- gation District (EID) managed reservoir in Alpine County, is one of my favorite lakes to fish in the Sierra Nevada because of both its majestic alpine scenery and fine trout fish- ing. The lake currently hosts brown, rainbow, brook and mackinaw trout, although rainbows are the most popu- lous species. Caples features 620 surface acres and is situated at approximately 7,820 feet above sea level when the lake is full. It is located off Highway 88, roughly one mile west of the Carson Spur, and about 17 miles south of Lake Tahoe. My latest trip to the lake on June 20 shows why I like fishing at Caples so much. I didn’t see many people fishing on the lake - just a few at the spillway when I arrived there at 4:30 p.m. I drove to the dam where I have a spot that almost always produces fish. I set up a Power Bait rod and then started casting another rod with a 2/5 ounce Little Cleo. Within a short time, I had battled five scrappy trout, keep- ing three rainbows for the table. What was even better was that since I was there late in the day, I was the only fis rFB&VFF( B6VRFW"vW'20f"26VB6VRFW"F6WRbwW2G&Ɩrf"6WfW&֖WFW2V"גf6r7BgFW"f6rvVBfW"FFP6W2R&W6'BFFƲFPf72FR6brFRvW"`&W6'BvW"f72v76V@v#bRbFR7BFW2f6FVBvFv2vV6VvBƖ֗B`FfW"'&v'&B&&pG&WBvRf6rg&6&RV&ǐFV6FRvFR4DerFVB"VG0b&&w2BFRRFR#( 2Bw&VBf6rf"FR&Ц&w2rvFFfW &&w2BfWp'&v2B6Цw2V7VVB( FRf6p2W6VVBF06V666RvPVVB( Ч6Bf72( FW&P&Rf"V&W b&&w2W@FW&Rg&FP4DerG&WB@F2Bg&&WfW2BFRfb#rFRFf6VB'P&76WGFFVBBVBvW&'&v6RBW"W6&BF6FVBGv&&rG&WBFP2֖6&vRvR6rvW"Ф&Bg&FV"&B( ĆW"f62FR&vvW7B'&vञ( fR6VV6VvBFFFRFRP66R( 2FR&vW7B&WfW2PvVvVB2"VG2( 6Bf72&r'&v2B6rW&FR6V"&7FRvFW'2b6ЧW2FRR6r&V6&B2#`VG2B36W2VB'&ХW&g&Rw&fRVfbvFW'0g&&vBG2FR'&vG&WB&V6&BB2VG2B36W2f72Gf6W2vW'2W"Ч7VBb&&w2FFƖRG&vFf6W'2Bv&2f '&v2RW&vW2&FW'2G&vF7F7FW'27VVG6W'2B7F6&G06VFr&0V&ǒFR7&pBFRf&Vf&PFRR6W2fW"6&RvW'2fB6ƖBG&W@7FBFRF7vvG07&VVWBBFW"&V2FRPvRF76rWBvW$&BvW Vvw27&vW'2B'&b7BЦ7FW'2&7FW"F2FW"'F7W'2ƗGFR6V2F2'VЦB72BFW"W&W2ऒfRf6VB6W2VW&W0FW2g&FR&66R@fRFRfW'vV֗GW&R`&&r'&vB'&G&WBFR6Ɩf&FW'FVBbf6BvFƖfR27F6VB6W2vFG&WB66R366&FrF&VWvr4Derf6W&W2&v7B&W'B6W2V&Ɨ6VBF0&आ7F&6ǒ6W22&VVBЦVBvF&&rG&WB6&6W0ז72%B'&G&WB6fVƖW0fFƗ2$'&vG&WB6G'WGF$BRG&WB6fVƖW07W6B( 7W'&VFǒǒ&&w2@'&v2&R&Vr7F6VB6W0'4DerBTBpvF7W'&VBB7B4Dep7F6r6W27W'&VFǐ7W'G2VF2bЦvRf67V62F&VG6FW2&6&G6W2Vw&VvЧW2BGV6V"v&6"FW&R266Vb7W7FpRG&WB7'Bf6W'( 6@WvrvG27&VVBV֖w&@7&VV&RFR6W&6W2bfpF6W26W2G&2F6W07&VVv6fw2FFR6WFf&W&6&fW"ख&FW"F76W72FRf6W'4Der7FVBF&VRvW"7W'fW6&2G2W&VWFgVǒ6&VB'&vG&W@G6bF6R6VvBB6W2RF'DddU