Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3715 July 6-20 2018 - Page 15

July 6 - 20, 2018 VOL.37 • ISS. 15 Call Mike Bogue for Sacramento River Trout & Salmon Fishing! S ince 1991, Mike Bogue has been a full-time professional river guide for salmon, rainbow trout and steelhead on the Sacramento River in northern California. Born and raised in Redding, Bogue has been boating and fishing on the Sacramen- to River as well as other northern Califor- nia rivers and streams his entire life. T He is a very popular guide and equally popular instructor and guest speaker. His wealth of knowledge is second to none and his willingness to share tips and secrets is rare! Whether you are a novice or a seasoned angler, you will learn from his experience. When you book a trip with Mike, you get more than just a fishing trip – you get a top Pull Kwikfish for River Run Kings! he Luhr Jensen Kwikfish is a diving plug lure that is often used for trout, steelhead and salmon species of fish. The Kwikfish lure is a trolling plug employed by salm- on and steelhead anglers using a number of trolling techniques including: Flat-lining, backbouncing or used in deep, open water with a trolling planer. The wide, wobbling action of the Kwik- fish draws aggressive strikes from the largest trout, salmon and steelhead. The effectiveness of the Kwikfish is realized when retrieved both slowly or quickly in still water or current. The Luhr Jensen Kwikfish is a “ba- nana-shaped”plug that has high action at even slow trolling speeds. Its body shape, weight, and lip design make it a greatdiv- ing lure. It can be plunked, trolled or back- trolled from a boat and fished on a flatline (without a weight), in combination with a Jet Diver or with a sinker depending on river size, water depth, or current speed. Bank anglers use this popular lure by em- ploying thecast/swing/retrieve method. Backbouncing Kwikfish Backbouncing with a weight is the most productive way to fish Kwikfish in deep (even roily) salmon holes that lack the right current to fish your lure on a flat line or in combination with a weight. The technique is much like back- bouncing bait, as the amount of weight you use is critical. Use too much weight and your lure won’t bounce out below your boat. Not enough weight and you may not feel the weight hit the bottom or you may not be sure where the bottom is in relationship to your Kwikfish. Once you’ve selected the right size sinker, you’ll want to back-bounce or walk your outfit downstream from your boat until your line is at a 45-degree angle. With your weight suspended off the bottom 6 to 12 inches, backtroll your outfit through the slot. Since the depth can change, you will need to check for bottom occasionally. Backtrolling Kwikfish is identical to backbouncing bait except that once your Kwikfish is in position, it’s im- portant to hold your rod steady and let your Kwikfish work. For more information go to www. How To Finish A Limit Want more salmon in the box? Begin with the proven action of Luhr-Jensen Kwikfi sh® and tailor your color selection directly to water conditions. Choose the enhanced visibility of UV Bright in dark water. Go with bold fl uorescent fi nishes in green water. Break out the metallics in clear water. Only Kwikfi sh deliver a fi shing system to maximize your success under all conditions. KWIKFISH® UV BRIGHT FINISHES NEW FINISHES FOR 2017 Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish-Limit 4.875x4.625.indd 1 6/19/17 1:32 PM quality fishing adventure! Mike, a Pautzke Bait Company and Ya- kima Bait pro staffer, takes great pride in providing his clients a “Day to Remember” as they fish for salmon, trout, shad and steelhead. You will be fishing from Mike Bogue’s 2007 23-foot custom Team North River Scout equipped with a Yamaha 250 4-stroke that comfortably seats four. If you are looking for a true wilderness trip, then hop aboard his drift boat for a trip down Northern California’s scenic Sacramento River. Bring your own gear or use his. “We provide state of the art Lamiglas rods, levelwind and top quality spinning reels,” said Mike Bogue. “We will cater a trip to suit your needs and abili- ties from children to senior citizens. Combination trips are also available. We will customize your trip for as many people as we possibly can, no group is too big or too small.” To book a trip, contact Mike at 530-246-8457 or visit him online at 15