Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3715 July 6-20 2018 - Page 11

July 6 - 20, 2018 VOL.37 • ISS. 15 11 Good Day Fishing Flasher Quick Release Will Help You Land More Salmon! B ig flashers do an outstanding job of attracting salmon to your gear, there is no ques- tion about that, but once a salmon is hooked that big blade becomes a liability. Due to the drag and continued kick of a big flasher, some anglers lose 40%, 50% or even 60% of the kings they hook. Luckily for salmon enthusiasts the team at Good Day Fishing has figured out how to sway the odds in YOUR favor when it comes to landing kings while using a big hard kicking blade. They have developed a device dubbed the GDF Quick Release that allows you to fight your fish, not your flasher! The Quick Release is a specialized “har- ness” designed to help you land more fish, by releasing the tension off of the Flasher/ 360 degree flasher when the fish strikes your lure, allowing you to keep direct tension on the fish, instead of the fish being able to get slack while you are fighting the load and motion of the flasher. The Quick Release gives you the ability to adjust and fine tune the tension required to release, allowing you to set it to whatever your preference is for the gear and bait you are using. The GDF Quick Release is a “Universal fit” for most Flash- ers such as Pro Troll, Shortbus, and others. For more information, go to or call (503) 428-8077. Treat Yourself To A Phenix Black Diamond Rod And Take Things To The Next Level! P henix Black Diamond Casting Rods are high tech fishing rods! The Black Diamond blank is Phenix’s most popular for a reason. Anglers love it because It is lightweight yet extremely powerful. Mod- ern fishing rods are meant to work with you and not against you, and that is exactly what the Black Diamond does. By cutting weight and delivering in- creased power, while paired with top of the line compo- nents, a Phenix Black Diamond Casting Rod puts more pres- sure on the fish without tiring you out because of the weight of your gear. If you are looking for a great inshore/ nearshore rod for fighting strong saltwater fish, a Phenix Black Diamond Casting Rod is a great option. Add one to your arsenal today! Phenix Black Diamond Casting Rods are dark gray and black. Models are technique specific and have different guides, reel seat and grips. West Coast anglers love them and so will you! For more visit Phenix online at www. THE FISH SNIFFER (833)-347-4661 FISH SNIFFER DIGITAL!!! Digital subscription now available to the Fish Sniffer. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play. !"#$%&'()*)+,-./#")*)!,-0'( !"#!$%&'(")*$+,-.$)/0& 314"$-&&5$(&/) 0-&2"12$("+$#1"%&( +1(),2$+,-. 314"$-&&5$(&/) 0-&2"12$("+$#1"%&( !"#$%&!' !"&&-+&,1)*)!,-0'()*)!#$2 !"##$!"##$%&'()*+,-$$%&$'#(')$.../(012345678/96: