Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3714 June 22-July 6, 2018 - Page 24

24 June 22 - July 6, 2018 FRESHWATER VOL.37 • ISS. 14 GONE FISHING Morgan had a hot rod during his June 1 live bait adventure aboard the California Dawn, landing a limit of stripers and a husky California halibut! Photo by CAL KELLOGG, Fish Sniffer Staff. It seemed like I cranked the reel forever without the fish running or rising. Adam our deckhand and Captain James Smith were at my side. I could tell they thought my drag was set too loose, but when trying to land a big halibut I’d rather have too little drag as opposed to too much. When the fish finally appeared in front of the California Dawn’s bow, it wasn’t the 30 pounder I’ve been looking for, but it was still a very nice fish weighing about 15 pounds. Adam made a smooth scoop with the net and into the box the fish went. We’d only been drifting for about an hour and I already had a nice keeper halibut in the box, the 28 Fish Sniffer readers that joined me were laughing and having a good time and the striper action hadn’t even kicked into gear yet. It was going to be a memorable day! When I’d picked the June 1 date for the Cal Kellogg School of fishing event back in January, I wasn’t thinking about halibut. I picked out a day with large tides thinking of stripers. Often the first series of large June tides feature great striper action in San Francisco Bay. The Cal Dawn had scored full limits of bass for two straight days leading up to our trip, so we were feeling pretty good about our chances. “We’ll scratch away at halibut and bass here on FRfG2f"fWrW'2( W0FBR( FR7G&W"&FRv( BvWBvpFR&62fb6G&VF&WB( 66( ФW7B2W2&VF7FVBvR6VBWƖ'WBW&RB66ƖR&72FW&Rf V6bFR&rvVvRF6V@FB6fVWBv27F'FrFf&FR&VVbW7B'Fb6G&vRWr@v2FRFRfRगBv2W2RrV6ǒ7G&W"&FRFR&6vg&6rFvFRV&6VBFRFFRBF2Fv2w&VBWRbFBW"f'7B72fW"FR&VVb6WP&72vW&RVBBFVBFRW@72vRvBfWr&RBFVFR&FP&VBƖVBFRF&B72vRB7G&W'2VBWBFR6RFR@vFW"vRvW&RFRvFc@VWW"&72&vrg&#6W2F&WBVG2FR&WfW'RFR&BvVB&RFrR66`F7G7G&W"fWG2vFW"&72'W6W726WGFVBvP&V6VB&VBf"FR&W7BbFRF6FVVBg&vR6ƖrFRƖ'WB7FB&F6P66Ɩf&6GBFR&W&VWfG2vR&VV6VB'V6bVWW 7G&W'2VFW'6RƖ'WBB6W vFR6V&72vR&VFrW7&ƖrbVWW"Ɩ'WBFW7FRFP7G&rFFfrऒBBBFrFFbfW VWW"Ɩ'WBB6VWW"6R&72vVFVBגRVBƖ'WBFW&Pv2vFVvBFRf6vVB&R&pVVvFV&RFR6B'WBGV6v2vFRBvƶVBfbFR&@vFFR&rf6WFVW6FRא6WB66RBv26Vvr66`f6rWfVB76VBWB&W2FPf&b&G2B&VV2F&VvWBFRFW"FF66&Rf"FRG&v2c@7G&W'2bVWW"Ɩ'WBBvRFV@B&VV6VBFW"#R"3f6fW"FFf66RfW"FR&F7VBFRvFW"vFw&Wbf66ffW"&VFW'227V6'W@FRw&VB7FvRWW&V6VBVPFRFRG&WG&7V6f"WfW'PffVBBb6W'6RFR6Ɩf&Fv( 2g&VFǒ7&WrB6Vb&>( 0F7G7&VF2ǒFFVBFFR&N( 0vW6Rf&RD$RD4$RV&CfbB7'G6( 0v&VW6RF&VvFV6V&W"30tTBWBW"&6R6W'f6R'&BR6VV7F6vVFvRB6WFRWFF VVG2Wv7B6WFF"VFr( "f6r( "6p( "&VFr( "6Fr( "fGvV ##"SSf&fVBSvFWv&f@sr3sCg&W6Ccg&@&BSS#c#&W'B&SP&VGvBG"srSRSWW&V3CSb'&Gvsr#c7F6ЧFS3bG&G&v#SsCखf6ƖcSrf6Ɩ&vSS3s(J 5E$tU"( "DU"( "$R%$4$U45D@Wr7V6ǒ6FVB'&BFBfVGW&W2V'&6&W67F6RWG&VVǐr7G&WF6BW6WFGW&&ƗGf&RF&w&VV&VRBvFR2( 20teB4U%Dd4DP@wwr7'G6v&VW6R6ФB&VFVV&Rf"66Ɩ6V6R"vgB6&BR6W'Ff6FRW"7W7FW"W"FW7B&W6VBvgB6W'Ff6FRBFRb6R6B&R6&VBvFFW"F66V@rDT7F&W2F6W'fRR&6ƖॖէW&6У@&VFVV&P琥W&66RfW CS'G6( 2v&VW6P2ffW&rCfbvg@6W'Ff6FRF&VvFRVB`FRV"W&66W2fW CSF2ffW"6( B&R6Ц&VBvFFW"F66VBf"FRFWF2BFvW@W"vgB6W'Ff6FR6V6W@FRBF2VFFbFPf66ffW"7'G6( 2v&VW6Pr2vFV7FFR6ЧF2F6W'fRR2fw3FR&6Ɩ7'G6( 2v&VW6R26FVBBccCWG&VR&fBf"&Rf&F6bs"ӓ66scRV7@fVVRS3rS&66"ЦFf#3CB7V&6R&fBbc3Rsख&VFFrcSFG&fRS3ccCWG&VR&fBࢃbs"ӓ&VFFpcSFG&fPS3##"SS66scRV7BfR7VFRsS3rSf&fV@&W'B&SvFWv&fBࢃsr3sCSR&VGvBG"ࢃsrSRS#3CB7V&6R&fBࢃbc3Rs3CSb'&Gvsr#cCcg&B&BࢃSS#c#S3bG&G&v#SsC&66&Ffg&W6WW&V7F6Ff6ƖcSvW7Bf6Ɩ&vSS3s4Ԕr4&6G"ԔD03s