Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3714 June 22-July 6, 2018 - Page 22

22 June 22 - July 6, 2018 VOL.37 • ISS. 14 Protect Your Dog From Rattlesnakes By Attending Raahauge’s/Natural Solutions Rattlesnake Awareness Class In Dunnigan On July 7! Y ou and your dog could encoun- ter rattlesnakes almost anywhere: your yard, local park, hiking trail, ranch, etc. Help protect your dog from a painful, costly and often deadly encounter with a rattlesnake with the help of the folks at Natu- ral Solutions and Link Raahauge’s Hunting Club in Dunnigan, Ca. While nothing is 100% guaranteed, rattlesnake avoid- ance training has proven highly effective in preventing envenomation by rattlesnakes. An added bonus is that paying attention to your dog’s behavior can help you avoid the snake as well The staff of Natural Solutions are experienced dog trainers, animal behaviorists and naturalists. For more information or to book your spot in the class, give Donna Raahauge a call at (530) 724-0552. HOW TO have the power in its lower section to lift a husky fish off the bottom. Your second rod should be either a light bait casting or spinning outfit to use when the conditions allow you to use a light 1 or 2 ounce sinker. It is quite a thrill to land a good sized halibut on a steelhead or black bass rod. The standard end tackle for live bait fishing is a three way rig. To construct a three way rig attach a 36 inch 25 pound fluorocarbon leader tipped with a 1, 1/0 or 2/0 live bait hook tied on a perfection loop to one eye of a three way swivel. Next connect a short light monofilament dropper to the second eye of the swivel. Your sinker will be attached to this dropper. Since the dropper is made of line that is lighter than that used in the rest of the rig the sinker will pop off if you get snagged and you’ll only have to put on a new weight rather than a whole new rig. Your main line attaches to the third eye of the swivel. When you’re ready to fish, pin a live bait on your hook through the tip of its nose. Put the rig in the water, lower it to the bottom, let out a few more feet of line and then engage the reel. As the boat drifts you want to feel the rig dragging across the bottom. Halibut lay on the bottom By Cal Kellogg and ambush baitfish as they come by, so it is important to keep contact with the bottom. The rod slowly bending into a deep arch signals a bite. This indicates that a halibut has inhaled the bait and has gotten hooked. When that happens take the rod out of the holder and start working the reel. Commercial anglers have been troll- ing for halibut for decades, but recently private boaters and a selected few charter operators have discovered the effective- ness of trolling. In my opinion trolling is not as fun as drifting, but you can often catch more fish trolling because more ground can be covered. For trolling you’ll need a beefy rod capable handling up to a 16 ounce sinker matched with a reel loaded with 65 pound braid. To rig up, tie a three way swivel to the end of the main line. To one eye attach a short medium weight monofilament dropper. To the third eye tie in a 48 inch section of 30 pound leader material and then attach an 8 inch dodger. To the rear of the dodger attach another 36 inches of leader at the end of which you’ll attach your bait. 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