Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3712 May 25- June 8 - Page 30

30 May 25 - June 8, 2018 SALTWATER VOL.37 • ISS. 12 SALTWATER REPORTS: CONTINUED FROM PAGE 25 MONTEREY BAY cont. lost in the krill balls. There was one fish caught at the Soquel Hole and one at Soldiers Club,” Fraser said “The majority of anglers fished for rockfish and lingcod,” noted Fraser. “The anglers did well on rockfish in the shallow water near South Rock and Natural Bridges. The deep water near Davenport produced some limits of big rockfish.” “The halibut and striped bass are still being caught off the wharfs and jetties, due to the schools of anchovies showing close to shore,” he stated. - Dan Bacher “There’s always a handful of guys at Crissy Field going for them because it’s easy to get to. Other guys are crossing the bridge and fishing by Tiburon Point,” she related. Anglers belonging to the More Than Fishing Facebook Group continued to report in steady catches of both striped bass and barred surf perch. Bait fishermen are using pile and blood worms for both species, while lure tossers used motor oil 1.5” grubs for perch, and bucktail jigs for striped bass. Interest in crab was slow, according to Stefanie Scott. – Roland Aspiras PENINSULA SHORELINE Striped Bass Hit The Beaches! Khan Tran of North Cal Sportfishing Charters has been pounding salmon off of Half Moon Bay. He put his clients on these dandy fish during the second week of May. Photo courtesy of KHAN TRAN, Sacramento SAN FRANCISCO - Anglers in search of halibut are finding fair success inside the bay, while others brave high winds to catch perch and striped bass outside of the Golden Gate. Swimbaits and bucktail jigs were highly recommended this week by Stefanie Scott at Gus’ Discount Bait and Tackle for both halibut and striped bass. The Fish Sniffer has a NEW PHONE NUMBER! Contact us Toll Free at 1-833-347-4661 Chatterbait Reaction: Anglers Find Saltwater Success! I never thought I would I have thought that I would receive such a reaction to an article as I have received about the use of chatterbaits in the salt! Just within the time of the last two issues of the FishSniffer where I introduced the idea of using chatterbaits (typical- ly a fresh water bass lure) in salt water, a number of anglers have contacted me telling of their successes using the bladed jig. Here is just a sample: Jeff M. wrote that he tried the lure at Crissy Field off the San Fran- cisco Presidio. Throwing it while wading in the water at low tide, he got a smashing hit just twenty five feet from where he was standing so he was able to see the strike. “The lure was coming through the water and it looked like there was nothing there, then a huge swirl off FR&GFVwVfVBFRW&R( R6B( ŖRvW&R&vB&WBvWGFrBGvfVWBbvFW"FBr"Ɩ'W@V&ǒvfRRV'BGF6( ФW76R2g&6WF6G6VBPB6BFBRG&VBG&ƖrFR6BЧFW&&BFR6WF&BFR7G&W'0BƖ'WBvW&R7V6W'2f"FRW&RआR6BRW6VBF&VRv7vfV&pvFRfBG&W"VFW"FFPVvBV6R&6W"BffRf@V6Rb#"fV&6&&FFRW&Rआ2Gv'VFFW2vW&RW6r6֖"&r'WBRW6VB&V&V@FRFW"W6VB&vvVB6fR`FR"f6FVBFBFRvW&PFR6GFW&&BRG&( 27V66W70FW6( B&fRFr'WBBFW2F@FFR76&ƗFW26&WF676FVWBFFR7W&b6f6R66PFR676FV&V6W6RB6PFRRV6R6R( ƧW7Bf"gV( ЦR62&V6W6RB2ƗGFRV&ǒf 7G&W'2FR7W&bRv2V6Fǐ7W'&6VBvV"7G&W"FRFRW&R( Ēv2F&vrFPW&RWBvFFvFG&v6'&BFP&BRw&FR&WBvRvvBvF'&VWr&B( PFBRFW&RvW&RGvFW"7W&b67FW'2FBFF&vrvFR"w2'WBgFW"fW"W'2`67Fr2v2FRǐf66VvBfǒGB&BЧFf6rfF2F@RbFRWFfBRW6V@f"&6f6RW6VB3"'&BFF&VRv7vfVBR"FW7@G&W"FFRVvBV6RF'RЦF6W"BF&VRfB6V7FbfV&6&&FFR6GFW&&@vFffR67W&Fw'V"f"G&W"G&rFR&rFvFFP&GFfVWBbvFW"GB6@R6VBfVVFRW&R6r2PG&gFVBr( vB6VF( B&VƖWfR( 6@GB( v2rfVFǒFRƖv6@GF6VBFRW&R( BvRFR6VЧ627FVrGB6BRv0vrFVW6GFW&&B&vvV@WFfBBFR&VGgWGW&RG&2আ2&BvRV6bFW6R7F&W26V@&R'F6RG2vRF@FR7V66W76W2w&GFVW&Rv7&PRF6V6WBFW6RW&W2W'6V`BVWWrv&Bb76&ЦFW24ED0'7FWfP( Ć( PF27&VF&RVvfGVv26VvBfb&( 2V7B6Rr2FRFRFV@6WF6V&6bF6W'FW7bdt$U"$U4%E2V7B6R&$DbDRtTTFR&Bf6r'GVFW2rFR&V7V&RvVv'WB&ffW'27W&bf6rFf"7V6W07V626W'&67&WfR&7FW'2VwF6W'2w&WW"BWfV6Ɩf&Ɩ'WBFFRFW6R7V6W2&WV&W2W7Bf"GfVGW&R6RFWFW&֖ЧFB6ƖBVgGWG7rvV"f"&VV&VV2FRVgVB`FRT6W"6W&W2&RFVF2&VVV&VBFR&W7Bb6rv&BB45B#bFR6GvFW &VV6FVv'FR6W"&VfW2FRvRf6BfVGW&W2FR6VV@6W,*G&r77FVvFGW&G&~(J"FW&f"6FW&f&6RखFFF6VVB&GB7FW6vVW2vFW"WBbFRvV &BG&r77FVvFgVWF&G6FWFRB&F"B40vV.(J"FV6FRT*6W"7r&VV2'VBf"VgGWGf6r7FFRW&fV7BF6f"W"&r6W"27W&b&Bg&FRT6"ЦvR7W&b67FrVV6W&W2T6&vR&G2&RWrvVW&Fb7WW"ƖvB'WBvW&gV&G2VvVW&VBF&Rf6VBvF'&FVBf6rƖRFW6R&G26FPFRWG&7G&7&VFVB''&FVBƖW2BvV6vRf67FB&VVvFcRVB'&Bw&"6RW'27v&G2@w2B^( &R&VGf"6R&rf67W&bf6r7F&7GR