Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3712 May 25- June 8 - Page 25

May 25 - June 8, 2018 FRESHWATER Hoochies: Simple, Impressionistic & Deadly H ave you ever noticed that the simplest lures and presentations are often the best? Lures that are painstak- ingly created to exactly match the forage gamefish feed on are often, indeed almost always, upstaged by simple impressionis- tic offerings. In terms of simplistic lures there are few that are simpler than the hoochie. For folks that aren’t familiar with them, hoochies are nothing more than hollow plastic “squid”, basically a plastic skirt that can be slipped on a leader. If you are a trout or landlocked salmon angler that has yet to try trolling with hoochies, it’s time for you to get started. Not only will hoochies help you catch more fish, but they also help you save money since they are significantly cheaper than a lot of other offerings. Over the past decade hoochies have be- come an increasingly important part of my trout and landlocked salmon fishing arsenal. Considering that the market is flooded with hoochies from a myriad of different manufac- turers, you might be wonder- ing which hoochies are best? Well I don’t have an answer for that, as the term “best” is highly subjective. Let’s face it, hoochies are not the most complex lure in the world and I believe most any hoochie will catch fish some of the time. Having said that, my favorite hoochies come from the folks at Silver Horde/Gold Star. If you meet when I’m out trolling I’ll generally have a rod armed with either a Silver Horde Micro Squid or an Ace Hi Fly Junior. Micro Squid are perfect for trout, landlocked kings and ‘kokes. The squid are 1.75 inches long. They come in a long list of standard, ultra violet and glow colors. Slip them on a double hook leader, toss a dodger HOW TO ly small. The willingness of the bass to chase combined with their expectation of finding relatively small forage gives you solid clues as to bait selection. Small spinnerbaits or medium size inline spinners are great choices as are both soft and hard rip baits, such as Flukes or thin profile Ima Flits. These baits do a great job of imitation baitfish and they can be fished quickly, allowing you to cover water until you find bass. Another baitfish imitation that shouldn’t be overlooked is a smoke/flake grub rigged on a quarter ounce darter head. These baits can be slow rolled like a small swimbait with great success. If you think crawfish are on the menu, crankbaits, smallish jigs, tubes and Caroli- na rigged worms are solid picks. All these LEAD FREE PISTOL AMMO! THE LARGEST SELECTION OF AIR GUN PELLETS ON THE WEST COAST – GUARANTEED!! ALL PELLETS AND SUPPLIES “Burst Fire” .20 gram premium high grade airsoft bb’s 5000 count - now only 10% OFF! $12.99 AIRGUN Largest selection of REPAIR Quality Pellets in California We are a .177 to .45 cal Crosman Authorized JSB, H&N, CROSMAN, BEEMAN Repair & Service Center Call for details! GAMO, DAISY, PREDATOR SAM YANG, EUNJIN, MENDOZA, SHOOTING TECH FORCE, DGS, BIG BORE RANGE & AIRGUNS AIRSOFT SUPER STORE 916-564-5225 5207 Madison Ave, Ste. H, Sacramento, CA 95838 into the mix and you’re ready to fish! An Ace Hi Fly is like a hoochie wearing a tuxedo, basically a greatly dressed up version of the old reliable plastic squid. Ace Hi Flies come with a hard bead head that boasts lifelike eyes. The skirt utilizes a hooch- ie, but adds to it with synthetic flash. Ace Hi Fly Ju- niors come either rigged or unrigged. The flies are 2 inches long. I generally go with the unrigged version and run them off double hook leaders. What about hoochie color? For trout and kokanee I usually go with bright pink or orange hoochies. For kings I start out with baitfish colors. Hoochies are so economical and come in such a diverse range of col- ors, it doesn’t make sense not to have a wide range of colors represented in you tackle collection. Sometimes the fish want natural colors and at other times those crazy bright colors are deadly. For more visit Silver Horde online at By Cal Kellogg baits can be working along the bottom quickly, once again covering a lot of water efficiently as you seek out bass. The place to start looking for bass is offshore of the areas where you know the bass spawned. That goes for both school- ing fish and fish positioned on isolated ambush points. Submerged creek beds that cut through spawning flats and then drop into deeper water are classic areas for finding fishing setting on structure hoping to ambush. In late spring and early summer the sky is often cloud free and the water is typically pretty clear. When you seek out lone fish looking to ambush lunch remember that the bass will be holding on structure that affords them the ability to lurk in the shade. 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