Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3712 May 25- June 8 - Page 24

24 May 25 - June 8, 2018 B VOL.37 • ISS. 12 Lizards Baits: Secret Weapons For Big Bass! efore swimbaits, before computer designed crankbaits and before high tinsel alloy spinnerbaits bass anglers were using lizards to tempt big fish. A good number of today’s young bass addicts have never had a lizard attached to one of their rods, despite the fact that lizards are just as effective now as they were when they first hit the market decades ago. As near as I can tell the history of the plastic lizard is sketchy. I haven’t been able to find out who first came up with the concept, but that isn’t really important. I don’t know who invented the Band Aid ei- ther, but that’s what I go looking for when I cut my finger. The thing to remember about lizards is that they catch bass in a variety of situa- tions and they often do so when the bass are reluctant to hit other offerings. Spring is the classic time to reach for a lizard. Since spring is looming right around the corner, let’s look at spring applications for these fantastic four legged creature baits. Now there are a lot of theories about why bass, particularly spring bass hit lizards. The most popular assertion is that bass hate lizards or salamanders because salamanders love to eat bass eggs, thus representing a big threat to spawning fish. I’m not so sure. This belief probably came about when someone dragged a lizard into the bed of a spawning bass and the bass inhaled it. Truth be told in the right situation, you could drag a stick of Juicy Fruit gum impaled on a hook into to a spawner’s bed and the bass would hit that too. Not exact- ly compelling testimony that bass have an instinctive hatred of Juicy Fruit. I suspect that the appeal of lizards is multifaceted. First they are bulky baits that displace a lot of water. Since they have four wiggly legs plus a wiggly tail they are a bait that creates a lot of move- ment and vibration, yet is capable of staying the strike zone for an extended period of time. Think about it, early in the spring, during the prespawn period bass are often Fishing without us is a Risky Endeavor Print Subscription: 1 Year…26 issues…..$40 3 Years…78 issues….$100 Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Subscription: Read The Sniffer On The Go On Your Phone, Pad Or Computer 1 Year….26 issues ….$30 3 Years….78 issues….$70 Subscription Special: Receive a Free DAIWA UTD 300 level wind bait DAIWA UTD 300 casting reel with a 3 year Fish Sniffer Tournament Drag System 5.1:1 gear ratio On Demand 3 bearing system subscription! 245 yds of 17 lb. test Subscribe online at or Call (833)-347-4661 Or Mail Print Subscriptions to: The Fish Sniffer • P.O. Box 776 • Colfax, CA 95713-0776 1 Year $40 3 Years $100 New Subscription Renewal Mail to: ________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________ City, State, Zip:___________________________________________________ Amount Enclosed: ___________________ Pmt by Check/MO VISA MC AMEX Card No. _____________________ Expires __________ Discover Phone No._________________________ Signature _____________________ 3708 lethargic due to temperature and weather change, yet they are looking for big meals as they pack on weight for the spawn. A lizard certainly fits the bill of a belly filler that doesn’t look particularly hard to catch. When it comes to bedded fish the same attributes come into play. The bass, while not lethargic are relatively immobile. Here comes this hefty spastic looking water dis- turbing bait that hangs around and hangs around and the next thing you know, it’s fish on! When the post spawn period rolls around, the bass pull off the beds, move deeper and spread out on structure. These fish need to feed, but are often not inclined to chase. Once again a lizard represents a large easy to capture meal, but in this situation you can fish it faster than you would a conventional worms. This allows you to cover water efficiently, since the bass are spread out you want a bait you can fish fairly fast, but you aren’t presenting them with an offering like a crankbait that they would have to expend a lot of energy to c GW&RƗ&G26RWF&b6W2@6'2'WBWN( 27WBFFR66RBFư&WBFRFV2FB&R7BVffV7FfRॖ^( vB46VV7FbBB`6&G2GW&w&VV6B'&v66'2&RW7Bf"6GVF2vW&RFPvFW"26V"F72fWr6RfR6"גff&FRf"6V"vFW"06V&66R6"vF&VRfW2f"6GVF2vVFRvFW"27FVBfR&GFVBb6'G&WW6R&BGRআBf"GrFR&V"V'FW"bW Ɨ&G2&VrFR6Rf֖ǒ2FR2ЧF2v&Ɨ&G26&R&vvVB&Pv2FvR6VB6fW"bFV'F6W2f7BrWfW"RG6ǐ&rW"b67F2v&22FR6Pv^( ƖVǒvBF&rW"ƗЦ&G>( fvVW&ǒ7VrऒW6RGv&62&6W2bFRvFW ( f6r26r6fVWBFVW W72&rגƗ&G2FW27GR7Ɨ@6B&rvVv&rFVWW"vvFG&FF6&Ɩ&rvVFR&72&P&VFFVB( vVW&ǒF&vrFR7Ɨ@6B&rvRGW&rFR&RB7@7vW&G2FR6&Ɩ&rvWBFPBbR&RFVFvW"^( &"Ц&ǒ&RF6rBfƗrBFW0&vvVBƗ&BvFVvvVBvVvB