Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3712 May 25- June 8 - Page 22

22 FRESHWATER May 25 - June 8, 2018 VOL.37 • ISS. 12 FRESHWATER REPORTS: the angling focus now on Trinity Lake. Bass anglers are hooking a mixture of largemouths and smallmouths at Trinity TRINITY LAKE/RIVER Lake. “They’re using everything from Bass Enthusiasts Target North Huddleston swimbaits to Ned Rigs,” said Tim Brady of Trinity Outdoors. “I’ve heard of End largemouths to 8 pounds and smallmouths WEAVERVILLE – Few anglers have been to 4 pounds.” fishing the Trinity River lately, with most of “The bass are hitting best at 5 to 25 feet deep on the dredger piles in the north end of the lake,” said Brady. “I haven’t heard of any fish caught on topwater lures yet.” Rainbow trout are also hitting at the mouths of Trinity Lake tributaries. Fishermen are thowing out salmon eggs, marshmallows, PowerBait, nightcrawlers, spinners and spoons for the feisty trout. Trinity Lake holds 1,926,636 acre feet of water, 79 percent of capacity and 964 percent of average. Lewiston Dam releases into the Trinity River reached approximately 1,900 cubic feet per second (cfs) on Sunday, May 13 and remained at peak flow for one day. The Bureau of Reclamation will ramp down the flows until The striper bite has been excellent for anglers working Delta waters the summer base with Captain James Netzel. This fish was caught on May 4. flow of 450 cfs is Photo courtesy of TIGHT LINES GUIDE SERVICE, Loomis. reached June 30. The releases for this “critically dry” 2018 water year will result in an annual total volume of 369,000 acre-feet. A daily schedule Now Fishing Striped Bass of flow releases is on the Sacramento and Feather Rivers available at www. Now Booking Spring and Fall Run Salmon on the Klamath River! current/, and the public may subscribe to automated notifications (via CONTINUED FROM PG 17 3711 3318 3712 3318 presents Presents the 3nd the… Annual... 3318 Sabrina Shaw took a late April trip in the West Delta with the team at HeadRush Sportfishing and landed this beautiful striped bass. Photo courtesy of HEADRUSH SPORTFISHING, Sacramento. phone or email) of Trinity River release change. - Dan Bacher WEST DELTA Limit Style Striper Action Continues BRANNAN ISLAND - Striper fishing is going strong in the West Delta and sturgeon fishing has been good too for anglers that are able to deal with spring winds. Captain David Hammond has been trolling the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers and daily limits of quality keeper size bass have been the rule. Hammond is getting most of his fish on Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnows. While most folks are currently trolling for their stripers, drifting with mudsuckers and other live baits is also producing results. Anglers soaking cut baits are hooking lots of stripers, but to get a keeper while fishing with shad or sardines, you’ll have to sort through a lot of shakers to catch a keeper. Sturgeon fishing is very good in Suisun Bay, but few anglers are trying sturgeon. The wind has been an issue and with good halibut fishing in S.F. Bay that is where many anglers are spending their time. If you go roe and eel are the top baits. For something a little different, catfish action has really heated up in the San Joaquin as the fish prepare for the spawn. Look for the whiskerfish to be prowling clam beds and other firm sandy areas in 4 to 12 feet of water. Clams are the top bait, but crawfish meat, squid, night crawlers and mackerel fillets are producing too. presents the… Whiskeytown Lake SHAVER 2 LAKE Day presents the… SHAVER LAKE THE FISH SNIFFER SHAVER TEAM DERBY TEAM KOKANEE DERBY (833) 347-4661 TEAM KOKANEE KOKANEE LAKE DERBY or Sat & Sun, June 9 & 10, 2015 2018 Saturday Sept. 12, 2015 Saturday Sept. 12, Shaver Lake, CA Shaver Lake, CA Brandy Creek Rec Area TEAM KOKANEE DERBY Saturday Sept. 12, 2015 $3000 in CASH & PRIZES • • 1 Cash Place $1000 $3000 in CASH & PRIZES • 1 Place $600 Paid to 15 $3000 Place in CASH & PRIZES • 1 Place $600 • Cash Paid to 15 FISH Goes Special BLIND BOGEY Side Pot – $20 entry Special BLIND BOGEY Side SNIFFER Pot – $20 entry $3000 $600 st st st th (based on 125 paid anglers) Shaver CA (based on 125 paid anglers) Cash and/or Prizes Paid Lake, to 15 th Place th Place (based on 125 paid anglers) DIGITAL!!! Paid Adult) Entry Fees: in Adult $130 (Non st Member $150) • Junior FREE (with CASH & PRIZES • 1 Place $55) • • Junior Cash Paid to 15 th Place Entry Fees: Adult $45 (Non FREE! Entry Fees: Adult $45 (Non Member $55) • Junior FREE! (based on 125 paid anglers) Includes Dinner at Member the Red Lion Hotel Special BLIND BOGEY Side Pot – $20 entry Register Online at Check in Friday June Entry 8th from 4:30 Adult to 6:30 pm (Non at the Red Lion in Redding. Fees: $45 Member $55) Hotel • Junior FREE! Register Online at Check in Friday September 11 from will 4:30 to 7 SATURDAY pm and Saturday 12 CHECK at 6 to 6:30 Check in Friday each September 11 from 4:30 to 7 pm and Saturday September 12 at 6 to 6:30 am. All persons in each There be NO REGISTRATION OR IN. am. All persons Register Online at September Digital subscription now available to the Fish Sniffer. boat All must be registered in the derby – NO EXCEPTIONS. Fishing starts at 6:30 am –Lunch begins at boat 1:30 must pm be – registered in the derby – NO EXCEPTIONS. Fishing starts at 6:30 am –Lunch begins B3( 0W'62V6&@&R6WFV&W &Vv7FW&V@FP6GW&FU4UD0S3Ф6V6W7@g&Fg&УC3FW&'Fr( 2@6WFV&W""( 2Bf6pbFc37F'G0@W'60V6( 0FvBFRg&GVW2"vvR6V6W2W@6VFV@vF&PVG'fVW2vVvЧ7F'G0BFRU4UD2( 2PW7B&PvVvƖP'"ЧЮ( 2sCBӃSU4UD2ख6VFV@&@W7B'&R"&Vv7FW&V@FW&'U4UD2f6r7F'G0Bc3( 4V6&Vv0B3( 2vFVG'fVW2vVv7F'G2BRW7B&RvVvƖR'"( 2U4UD2ॖRW7@vVvƖP( 26&v'6PvRf66ffW"6ЧvFf VG'fVW2vVv7F'G2B( "PW7B&RvVvƖR'"( 2U4UD26&Rf"( "SS#sӃ( "wwrVWvW"&p6&6VFV@P( "SS#sӃwwrVWvW"&p6&Rf"( "SS#sӃ( "wwrVWvW"&p&Vv7FW"ƖPBwwrVWvW"&p76&VB'76&VB'76&VB'76&VB'd4U$( 0d4U$( 0d4U$( 0t$TU4Pt$TU4Pt$TU4Pd4U$( 0DdUE$TR4U%d4PDdUt$TU4PE$TR4U%d4PDdUE$TR4U%d4P"VFvF7V'67&F4f66ffW"6ФDdUE$TR4U%d4P