Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3712 May 25- June 8 - Page 18

18 May 25 - June 8, 2018 MAP FEATURE VOL.37 • ISS. 12 The Mother Lode’s Lake Amador is completely full and in great shape for fishing and boating this year. Photo by DAN BACHER, Fish Sniffer Staff. L Lake Amador Delivers Big Rainbow and Lightning Trout ake Amador, located on Jackson Creek in the Mother Lode near Ione, lived up to its reputation as one of Northern California’s premier trout destinations during the NorCal Trout Angler’s Challenge held there on Satur- day, April 28. A total of 190 participants, including 150 adults and 40 youth, found solid fishing while enjoying beautiful spring weather during the popular event at the 400-acre reservoir. “This event was a great way to end our winter-spring trout fishing season, and we look forward to our season end- ing event in October at Lake Pardee,” said Vince Harris, President of Angler’s Press Outdoors, the sponsor of the event along with the Fish Sniffer magazine. Rich Tupen won first place in the adult division by catching a 6.03 lb. rainbow trout while trolling night- crawlers behind flashers at 25 feet deep. He was fishing with his dad, Marlin, when he landed the fish. “We caught a total of 7 fish, including two Lightning Trout,” he stated. Dirk Enwiler placed second with his 4.13 lb. rainbow. George Ross placed third with his 4.05 lb. Lighting Trout. He also won a separate award for the biggest Lighting Trout of the day. Jason Pandolfi finished fourth with a gorgeous Lighting Trout weighing exactly 4 pounds. “I hooked the big fish while shore fishing with an orange Mice Tail with a white head in the Carson Creek arm of the lake,” said Pandolfi. “Erin Baldanzi and I both caught two fish each, but the other fish were 1 lb. or less.” The fifth through tenth place winners were: (5) Juan Stucky, 3.06; (6) Jason Andre, 3.05.4; (7) Terese Carter, 3.05.3; (8) Rich Petersen, 2.14; (9) Jermey Silvas, 2.13; and (10) Mark Seplayk, 2.10.4. Reece Stahl won first place in the youth division by landing a 4.02 lb. rainbow. Justin Lee finished second with his 2.01 lb. rainbow. The third through tenth place youth winners were: (3) Angel Blanco; (4) Moses Blanco, 1.1; (5) Wil- liam Bannister, 1.04; (6) Walter Brand, 1.03, (7) Gunner Alarid, 1.01.1; (8) Jace Dandri, 1.01.0; (9) Devin Osterberg, 1.00.8; and (10) Jor- dan Leach, .0.15. Erica Flores won the RoosterTail award for the day, decided in a draw- ing of those who purchased Rooster- Tail spinners. For more information about the NorCal Trout Angler’s Challenge, call 916-768-0938 or go to: http:// Rich Tupen and Vince Harris, President of Angler’s Press Outdoors, www.anglerspress. proudly display the 6.03 lb. rainbow that won Tupen the first place trophy in the event at Amador. com/ Photo by DAN BACHER, Fish Sniffer Staff. The productive action was a result lake to catch some bluegill, since the of the Lake Amador Resort’s ambitious tasty sunfish were on the bite the day trout stocking program, a fixture at the before during a shore fishing trip I made recreation area for decades. The resort to the lake in the afternoon. Fishing is the only facility that I know of that has its own fish hatchery oper- under a bobber off the docks below the lake clubhouse, I didn’t hook any blue- ation, an operation begun gill, even though fishing buddy Doug by Bob Lockhart over MacPherson and I had experienced 25 years ago. topnotch bluegill fishing the day before. However, the lake However, I did get into an epic trout management was forced bite. I caught one 3-1/2 to 4 lb. rainbow to shut down the hatchery after another on light spinning gear, during the drought starting in releasing some and keeping my limit of 2018, the result of lack of water five fish. The limit weighed just shy of to keep the facility going. With 18 pounds, a great weight for five fish better water conditions, the resort anywhere in northern of Central Cali- reopened the hatchery in 2017. fornia. Amador produced one of the The resort has planted approximate- most memorable trout adventures ly 37,000 pounds of trout since this that I have ever experienced. On a season’s trout plants began in October, morning in June 1991, I went to the according to Lee Lockhart, the grandson of Bob. Jason Pandolfi won fourth place in the NorCal Around 6,000 pounds of the fish Trout Angler’s Challenge event at Amador by were from the newly reopened Lake capturing this 4 lb. Lightning Trout on April 28. Photo by DAN BACHER, Fish Sniffer Staff.