Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3624 Nov 10-24 2017 - Page 18

16 FRESHWATER Nov. 10 - 24, 2017 GONE FISHING VOL.36 • ISS. 24 continued from page 1 47 registered teams, 22 didn’t weigh in a trout! At the derby dinner at the Lions club, we talked to lots of our competitors, and found that some had caught fish on the surface, some had caught trout down to 100 feet deep, and some caught none. All we could do was put today behind us and try to knock ‘em dead on Sunday. Sunday the wind died down and the weather improved significantly. John and I started in the main body off Bass Cove. I had an Excel Hart Indian Special down at 65 feet for about 5 minutes before it was popped off the Cannon downrigger and we had our first trout of the day – a nice 19-inch, 2-½ pound rainbow -- a great way to start the day! We fished all over the main body from the surface down to 100 feet, and ended up with 4 trout to weigh in for the day. 3 of them came toplining a rainbow pattern Speedy Shiner at 3 mph. At the weigh in, not many people had fish, but those who did had Big Fish! Brett Brady and Ron won the derby with a total weight of 22.50 pounds, with a weight of 14.5 pounds on Sunday that included a 4-½ pound brown and a 4-pound rainbow. They trolled spoons and Apexes 100 feet deep at 3 mph. The second place team trolled Sling Blades with wiggle hoochies 25 to 45 deep at 2 mph. The third place team trolled Kastmasters on 1st -- Brett Brady & Ron Hufford the surface!!! Obviously, the 2nd -- Manny Harris & Doug & Linda Reiser fish were scattered all over the 3rd -- Doug Philpott & Tim Sellars place! 4th -- Gerry & Nick Flanagan As always, we had a great 5th -- Dale Gibbons & Beittain time fishing this derby, in 6th -- Nick Brito & Mark Duvall spite of the tough fishing. All 7th -- Chris & Butch Jacobsen the folks in Lakehead who 8th -- Pete Duvall and Lonnie Dickson put on the derby are very 9th -- Ed & Mark Grossman & Robert Barnard friendly and want everyone 10th -- Dennis & Dave Stoffel to have a good time. The Shasta Fall Trout Derby Top Ten Finishers Beautiful Sh 7FR7V&6RvVvFW26RFRWvǒ&VFVV@&72R&"bw&&F6GW&F@7VFvR7FVBBFR6f'F&P7Vv&b6GFvW2&W6'BFWffW b6f'F&R6&2&vBFRRvFRGv"2&VG&2gVF6V0vFWFV62BF6W26f'F&P&VG2B&VFFrBw&VBF0vF&&&WVW0fW&rFPRf7V'67&F7V6f6rvFW@W22&6VFVf F'VVVBf66ffW"7Ffbf"&Rf&F6S2CC3""vFwwr67F6&26f"&Pf&FFPfG&WBFW&'0vV2FR7&pG&WBb6FW&'6F7B&B@7Vv&b6GFvW0"FR&76P&"bw&@S3#3#sE$U"D4U0( "&fW76ǐ7FV@( "7W7Ff@( "6RF6W'f6PCBGvB&B( "V'W&cCSR6f27B( "&6ƖS3Ӄs#Pbss2s3303c#@ǐV"C@2V'2@ǐU0 vFF&00 7Pe$TRd4^( 0U07&w&vF2 VFVvVv@7G&W"&@7V'67&F6sCcSF&FW"#BW'2FV"CCCV6B6V"B7'Fr60BG2fW7@( "2T4E2d"Cp( "4T%2d"CC@2V6G2`( ""T4E2d"C33`7'Fr60( "2T4E2C#B4T%2d"CSr7FF7'Fr66W'6RWr7V'67&F&VWv"FB$T$Œ6rBvWBF&vWBf"W"V&VF&P&6W2b6W'f6RFFRf66ffW 2V'0&ss`vgBg&6f4Ss2ss`W6RF2f&f"W'6Vb"2vgBf"7V66VP6FFrF2#BW'0FӃsCcSFG&W736G7FFRd42V6RW6RF26RФVBV66VCB'6V6f"W"U6&BW&W2F66fW @R6vGW&Rf&FW'23c`V6Rr2RvVV2f"FVƗfW'F&VvCR֖W2'Fb67&VF&VG07'Fr60ǒC3P&VG07'Fr62ǒC3#6"6'&FR6G0f&RB&V6&R&6W2S3s#BSS wwrƖ7&VvW26( "G&VvT6