Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3622 Oct. 13-27, 2017 - Page 9

VOL.36 • ISS. 22 Oct. 13 - 27, 2017 Sutter Marine Features G 3 Duck Boats! T he words quality, performance and satisfaction are the three words that the folks at G 3 Boats have built their business around. Through a total team approach, the G 3 family of craftsmen, many of whom have been in the industry for decades, consis- tently produce boats with better fit and finish, out- standing on-water performance, and ultimately, higher customer satisfac- tion than any other aluminum boat line in the industry. G3 Boats has received the highest level of industry Customer Satisfaction award for more consecutive years than any other aluminum boat manufacturer. If you need a quality waterfowl/fishing boat for the fall season, Sutter Marine is the place to go. The folks at Sutter are currently offering special pricing on G-3 camo 15’ jon boats. These compact, yet rugged, mod- els feature open layouts with side storage, with fa- mous Mossy Oak camo patterns that fit every sports- man’s needs. Fuel economy and efficient towing is built into every model, as every G3 camo jon package is paired with a gas-sipping Yamaha engine and smooth-pulling custom Bear Trailer. Here in northern California, the folks at Sutter Marine represent your official G 3 retailer. Sutter Marine is located at 380 Garden Highway, Yuba City, Ca, (530) 673-6250. Buck’s Outboard Closing Out 17’ Arima Sea Rangers! W hen you need a boat, motor, service or accessories, Buck’s Outboard is a great resource for anglers and boaters in the Sacramen- to area. Right now Buck’s is featuring a fall close out sale on their line of Arima 17’ Sea Rangers. These boats are offered at special clear- ance prices and you stand to save thousands of dollars if you act now. Live the dream, run the legend…Get into an Arima! Sea Rangers feature beautiful cuddy cabins, dual hull construction, full canvas, a full fish box and more! Buck’s dealership has been a fami- ly owned and operated business since 1957.
They service what they sell and offer a full line service shop and with an extensive parts in- ventory. Buck’s specialties include Sales, Parts, Ac- cessories, Boats, Out- boards, and Trailers. They offer products from companies such as Yamaha, Honda, Mercury, Gregor, Arima, Pacific and others. Buck’s is located at 2750 47th Ave. Sacramento, Ca. You can give them a call at (916) 428-3917 or visit them online at 7 Fish Sniffer Rogue Jet 21’ Coastal I am looking forward to the cool fall weather and the many fishing oppor- tunities here in Northern California. As I write this, I am about to load the Fish Sniffer Rogue J WB#( 67FvFאVfW &G2FvFPG&W@6V6VW"@&֖@RWfF&Ц֖BP2fW0f"VvRF7WGF&BG&WBFfW #VG2WfW'RF2FW&Rv&P3VFW"FVBF2V"&֖@R26fW2f"N( 2&rvG2@&VvvFW"FR&wVRWB67F#0W&fV7Bf"F2&rvFW"f6rFR67F2v&r3b֖66FW2B&vBg&RFvF6FR7W"ЧF2&VBFRvƲF&VvvG6V@FVWFR6WBBFR67WG2G'B6fRFRW&FVBƗfWvV'VBFFR7FW&2Sb6W2vFR( 2&rVVvFBFR&vW7BG&WBB6WfW WV7BF6F66f'B&VG2FP#67FvFFR7'B6VFr6ЦvRv66VFW2"&ƖgB7W7V66VG3&VBv66G26&&V66VB7vfV6VBVFVB&vR7F&vP&W2FR#( 67F2vW&VB'FRWp#Wf'VFRs"UDT2Gv7G&P'VVV@WF&&Bv62&fVF'V6VЦW"W6RW72gVVB&WV&RV6W70FV6RFfW"7G&RWF&&Bw6FPFR&pF"FRfg6&P'&6WB6G0FRRWf'VFPUDT26ЦW"F"F2F 2FRV6W7@7F'Fp6W"fRWfW W6VB@FW6( BBЧFW"bЦB6FW6BfVWB"6VWfVòBv07FFǒf&W2WBFRFV6bFR7F'FW 'WGFFRf66ffW"&wVRWB2FV@vFFW6Rf6rF2FVW2fB#VBF7WGF&Cw&6PE2u2f6fFW"w&6Rd`&F6rVV7G&2Fv&rЦvW'2BFR֖F6BVV7G&0G&ƖrF"vRv&Rf6r&֖BR琧FW2F2fvFW"B7&rbP6VRFR&r6'G&WW6Rf66ffW"&wVPWB67F#FRvFW"6R'@vR66&R6RF2rFfB&pG&WBf"&Rf&FFR#( 67BЦBFW"FV26F7B&wVRW@&Gv&2BSCCB#SR6VRFVЦFRvV"Bwwr&wVVWB65UEDU"$R2U"DTU"d &G0wwr7FVvW&7&gB6ФB'VBFW6R6VFW"66RBFvV7B62&G266Rs@ƖfWFRv'&GgVffFFFV2g&( F3( 6W'FfVB2U267BwV&B6W&6v&&@#rvF"FVvRr&@FRW&fV7BGV6VFr6vR6WFRvF77'&VW6vVFVBV֖VV&vR&rFV6vF7F&vR6FR7F&vR&Rff"#R@7G&RvFvW"FBBvf旦VBG&W"4d 6&WB5T44r$4r@ Ч @Ф&B@ET44T45T45UEDU"$R2ࢃC( 3#( "SC3rCC@3S0332VVG7G&VWBB( "wwr&FFF&'B6У3c# vRffW"4UDP6W'f6RFW'FVBfVGW&pf7F'6W'FfVBFV660S3cs2c#S3v&FVw( "V&6G6Ɩb