Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3622 Oct. 13-27, 2017 - Page 32

30 Oct. 13 - 27, 2017 SALTWATER VOL.36 • ISS. 22 SALTWATER REPORTS BERKELEY Fishing Great, Crowds Light BERKELEY - Fall is an odd time of the year for the East Bay charter boat fleet. On one hand the fishing beyond the Golden Gate is generally really good, but angler interest declines sharply after Labor Day weekend as anglers turn their attention to river salmon and Delta striper fishing. This scenario is being played out right now. The fishing is very good. but charter boats are only half to three quarters full and some days they aren’t running at all due to a lack of anglers. Captain James Smith of California Dawn Sportfishing has been hitting the Farallon Islands most days. His last trip produced full limits of rockfish and lingcod for his 16 anglers aboard. The Happy Hooker with Captains Chris and Jonathan Smith in the wheel house has also been traveling to the Farallon Islands several times per week and the results have been very good with full limits of quality rockfish and lingcod to 20 pounds being the norm. On the salmon fishing front the bite has slowed down for Golden Gate charter boats, but the quality of the fish is outstanding with fish to 35 pounds being landed. The New Easy Rider out of Berkeley has been averaging about a half a salmon per rod on big beautiful fish that range up to 25 pounds. The next big event for the East Bay charter boat fleet will be the opening of crab season, which is slated to kick off on November 4. If you want to get out for a crab and rockfish combo adventure on the opening weekend, you should book your spot now. BODEGA BAY Rockfish Remain The Staple off Sonoma County Coast BODEGA BAY - Rockfish remain the “headliner” while those chasing salmon are seeing’ hit and miss’ action. The winds ramped up over the last weekend of September, and the majority of party boats were tied up to the docks. Earlier in the week, Captain Rick Powers on the New Sea Angler took a combination trip for salmon and rockfish/ling cod. He trolled along Ten This big S.F. Bay shark hit the deck of the California Dawn during Mile Beach with 20 clients, hooking 8 salmon and a special shark fishing trip on September 19. Photo courtesy of CALIFORNIA DAWN SPORTFISHING, Berkeley. landing 5 to 16 pounds along with a bonus halibut of 14 pounds. After trolling, they loaded up the sacks with quality rockfish south of the harbor, and the majority of rockfish were bottom-grabbers of vermilion, copper, and browns. They finished off the day loading the sacks with all quality rockfish with mostly reds, coopers and browns to go with 37 lingcod. There is work scheduled at the Westside Launch Ramp to occur between September 25th and October 27th to improve low tide access and comply with regulatory permit conditions. The facility will be reopened in time for the opening of recreational crab season on November 4th. Speaking of crab season, out of Bodega Bay Sport Fishing, Powers will be offering the crab/rockfish combination trips along with Captain Eric Holthouse of North Bay Charters. Tony hit the jackpot when he landed this incredible 32 pound king salmon while trolling beyond the Golden Gate aboard the New Easy Rider on September 23. Photo courtesy of NEW EASY RIDER SPORTFISHING, Berkeley. - Dave Hurley FISHERMAN’S WHARF Live Bait Drifters Nail Bay Stripers, Halibut SAN FRANCISCO – After slowing down with the arrival of slower tides, the striped bass action in San Francisco Bay was picking up at press time. “The latest trip where we focused on stripers produced limits of bass and 6 halibut near the Bay Bridge,” reported Aaro f66FbFR&72GV"( FR&WfW2F( 2G&&GV6VBrƖ֗G0b7G&VB&72FR7G&W'2fW&vVB2FBVG2vFFR&vvW7BRvVvpbVG2vW"6FVBR"vFR6V&72( Ю( 6WFV&W"3G&6'&wFB6VvBGvƖ'WBFbVG2@6G&GvG&gG2vRvRvW&RvFpf"6R7vW'2GW&r7v֖p6'FW"( 6Bf6FRf6r6vVBFv7F&W"bFG&FB&GV6VB2Ɩ'WB@&72f"bFVvW'2( FR&70vW&R&Fr'WBvRFV6FVBFf7W2আƖ'WB( f6FVBऄb$67FG&6ƖrWG6FRb6FRb&& WrV7&FW"7'Ff6pFW'GW&W2g&&W&VW&F2vW"v26Frf"7G&W""Ɩ'WBvRG&gFrƗfR6fW26g&666&F26WFV&W"'WB7FVB&FVBF2w&VBVFrvFR6V&72F6W'FW7b$52ET"5%Dd4r6g&666Tu$D*r66FVPFR7&FVB6vrf"6W&6f6W&V6fg2BWfV2WG6FPB6FRbFR&&"vR&6f6p&V2FR7FR7V6W2vF7& 6V6FRV"&&fFR@'G&G2&R7F'FrFvV"Wf"FPfV&W"GFVW"6FFV2&FW"bFRWp6FWFR6B( 6&R7FfV@&WGvVVFR'V2WG6FRbFR&&"BvR6VBW6WRbƖ֗G2FPFRgFW&F2vVVgFW"V&rFR&FFBFR&FRv2( Х6W''vW2bb&7'@f6r6f&VBFRvB&FRf"&fFP&FW'26r( FW&R2BVVvvrf"'G&G2'WB&fFR@6W&6&G2&R67&F6rWBVƗGf6FW&RvW&R62WBP&rF2vVVB2Ɩ֗FV@WB'sv&rW7B6FRbFP&&"( Ю( FR6&Rf6ƗVB6FW&P&WGW&rg&FR67G6FRf6r6V V&V7B6&R6fVB6FPFR&&"f"F6RF&vr6&W2 7W'2vF&&&W722'WBf6W&VvfR6vvVB6fR&V6VfV@6FF22FRFW'FVBbf6@vFƖfR266VǒF&rFR&V7B6&Rf6W&V&Rv&rg&FP&W7G&2FFR&fFR&BV6'W@FR66VFW"G&vRFF6V FRf6G&&W7FW&B( Ю( vRvW&R&RFRBWBf"&6f66GW&F6WFV&W"3FFW7FRFPvVFW"BFRVVVbV'G2&WGW&V@vFƖ֗G2b&6f6rvFfWpƖw2( 6R&W'FVBFRGVvVW707&"6V6V2fV&W"GFFPVƒ6B2R`FRǒ&G0FR&& 'Vrf"7&"&6f66&F"7&"ǐG&2FfPW&Wr$p`4ं'PBb2pB&P`rB( "7G&VB&72( "&66B( "Ɩv6B( &W6W'fF2bf&FࢃsrC#"#S6FvƖWvV7&FW"6ЧwwrWvV7&FW"6