Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3622 Oct. 13-27, 2017 - Page 28

26 FRESHWATER Oct. 13 - 27, 2017 FRESHWATER REPORTS: His clients are hooking macks running up to 8 pounds. Bank anglers working around Cave Rock continue to pick up a few rainbows to 15 inches. Inflated works work the best, but casting with Kastmasters and Krocodiles early and late in the day has resulted in a few fish too. the season. “Dave Ruiz of Weaverville reported making his last trip of the year after the fish he caught were transitioning to their spawning colors,” said Brady. ‘I haven’t heard any trout reports lately, though anglers should be catching some planted rainbows and holdovers while using worms, PowerBait and lures at Lewiston Lake.” Trinity Lake is holding 1,8000,638 acre feet of water, 74 percent of capacity and 107 percent of capacity. - Dan Bacher TRINITY RIVER/LAKE WEST DELTA CONTINUED FROM PG 24 LAKE TAHOE cont. Steelhead Fishing Gets Going WEAVERVILLE - Fishing pressure has been very light on the Trinity River, due to the closure of fall Chinook fishing this year on the Trinity River from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31, due to historically low stock projections of fall Chinook in the Klamath Basin. However fishing for steeLhead remains open on the river, with a daily bag limit of two hatchery steelhead and a possession limit of four hatchery steelhead. The few people going out for steelhead report good action. “A 91-year-old guy fishing with guide Bruce McGregor caught and released 3 adult steelhead and two half pounders on McGregor’s latest trip,” said Tim Brady of Trinity Outdoors. “They landed 3 adults to 4 pounds and two half pounders above Junction City. One fish hit roe and the others fell for hair’s ear and pheasant tail nymph fly patterns.” Black bass fishing at Trinity Lake is still holding solid, but there aren’t many people venturing out. People are hooking smallmouth and largemouth bass on the north end while employing jigs, Gitzits, Senkos and other lures, noted Brady. The kokanee salmon fishing is over for Striper Limits The Rule, Sturgeon Action Solid Too! BRANNAN ISLAND - The excitement level couldn’t be much higher in the West Delta, while few anglers are hooking salmon, the striper fishing is excellent and the sturgeon fishing is coming on strong! Captain David Hammond of Delta Pro Fishing has been putting his clients on limits of quality stripers every day while trolling. Hammond has been relying on Yo- Zuri deep running Crystal Minnows for most of his fish. “I’ve had a long streak of limits on my striper trips this fall,” related Hammond. “The bass fishing is great and I don’t think it’s going to slow down anytime soon. I’m going to start mixing in some sturgeon trips over the next several weeks just to keep things fresh. If you want a fast limit of bass give me a call. If you want to exercise your patience for a shot at a monster fish, let’s go sit on some sturgeon.” Trollers aren’t the only guys getting in on the hot striper fishing. Pluggers are landing and releasing big numbers of bass that range up to and beyond 25 pounds. Monster topwater plugs work early and late. Fish Traps and Rat-L-Traps work throughout the day. Bait guys are doing well with a variety of 3421 San Jose’s most “COMPLETE” tackle store! baits including With large selection & low prices for fresh and saltwater. shad, chicken THE LATEST BASS TACKLE FOR THE TOURNAMENT ANGLER liver, sardines, mudsuckers and even live bluegill. Coyote Bait & Tackle Gear Up For Crab Season At COYOTEBAIT.COM SNARES • POT’S •TRAPS FLOATS • ROPE • NETS • BIB’S BAIT CAGE’S • BAGS • SPECIALS & MUCH MORE! On your way to: Anderson, Calero, Coyote & San Luis 5 miles south of San Jose South on 101, exit at Bernal Road West, South on Monterey Road (408) 463–0711 LEAD FREE PISTOL AMMO! 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