Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3618 August 18- September 4 2017 - Page 33

SALTWATER VOL.36 • ISS. 18 W hen we launched, the tide had found bait. Supposed to be anchovies been coming in for about two south of the island. We had been here once before, in June hours from a low of minus 1.23. The new of last year, a shakedown moon that day spelled an ex- cruise for the Whaler. This treme tide that would reach time we hoped to learn how to its peak of 4.63 at 1:02 that fish these unfamiliar waters. afternoon, five hours later. We didn’t learn much. I got We had to launch in a puddle the impression that Tomales of mud, or abort the mission. is full of baitfish, but I could Some guys in line ahead be wrong. I caught close to of us chose to abandon the 30 anchovies and an 8-inch project, but our little Whaler jacksmelt, so I was happy. I draws only 18 inches. We love to catch fish, and if I’m should be good. not catching what I love, I love David backed her down what I’m catching. and helped me pull the boat David didn’t get a bite, free of the trailer. The bow by Kathie Morgan exactly, but he caught a moon floated, but the stern with its snail, and we don’t know why. big Mercury outboard sank We were drifting at the same speed as the into the mud. “We’ll help you drag her rapidly incoming tide, really fast, but that through,” offered a pleasant young man snail captured David’s hook and clamped named Colt. A couple of other husky guys down tight. As they are protected, we had lent a hand, and it was still tough sled- to sacrifice the hook and set the rascal ding. But once we were stuck, we were free. committed. Back at the dock, we learned that we Remember the children’s story of the should have dropped anchor. The guys cow that got stuck in the silo? Its owner who did had as many as eight halibut. greased the cow with shortening and man- Next time we’ll use the anchor. And next aged to slip-slide that old cow through. time we’ll try a weekday with plenty of What we needed was a case of Crisco. water for putting in and pulling out. Eventually the men muscled the Whaler We reinforced our belief that if we ever to the end of the dock, then David drove learn everything there is to know about off to find a parking spot. fishing, we’ll hang it up. The lots were all full. We marveled that Still learning, I’ll be looking for you on so many had wrestled their boats through the banks. before we did. And how did they get to Miller Park ahead of us with highway construction delays Small Groups • Great Rates of 10 minutes and more? Anyway, Excellent Sturgeon, David got lucky and Bass and didn’t have too long Shark Fishing! a hike. We had read that The Bay’s guys were catching Best Crew! 3408 halibut that week, and we hoped we might also have a chance for striped bass or white seabass. So we packed a few swimbaits, rattle- traps and Tady lures. And some lucky joe gagnions in case we THE SONOMA COAST rockfish and limits of lingcod. The Star of Monterey checked in with limits of rockfish and 25 lingcod on August 6. “The few boats who fished around the Pioneer yesterday caught one Albacore and one Bluefin,” reported Todd Fraser of Bayside Marine in Santa Cruz. “The inshore fishing was good for rockfish and lingcod up near 4 Mile Beach. There have been some nice halibut caught near the Mile Buoy and up the coast near Davenport. The winds were down all morning but the wind came up when the fog cleared.” - Dan Bacher CONTINUED ON PAGE 30 Morning Star SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER! CONTACT THE FISH SNIFFER (800) 748-6599 Departing Daily from the Vallejo Marina sturgeon • Bass LEOPARD SHARK STURGEON SPEcIALISTS since 1976 8 a.m. to noon & 1-5 p.m. weekdays or leave your message on our 24-hour recorder. Q ueen of Predator Sport Fishing 707-342-8481 • H earts • LIVE BaIt & t ac k LE IncL udE d • • Rods aVaILaBLE • Fish ALASKA 3102 P.O. Box 39143, Ninilchik, AK 99639 Fishing: “Barn Door Halibut” • Salmon • Rockfish • Ling Cod Two 30’ Alumaweld Boats with Cabins and Bathrooms Deep Creek, Anchor Point & Homer Lodging: Alaska (800) 567-1043 Clean & Comfortable, Lounge and Full Service Bar, Great Food, Conference Room, Satellite TV, Sleeps up to 24. Fish with the Smith Brothers – Alaska & California’s Finest! 707-745-1431 Official IGFA World Record Lingcod caught here in 2007 31 TOMALES BAY REVISITED - LESSONS LEARNED Anglers fishing aboard the New Easy Rider have scored full limits of salmon every day for the past couple weeks. This impressive king was landed in late July. Photo courtesy of NEW EASY RIDER SPORTFISHING, Berkeley. On the previous trip, they went down to Big Sur. “The lingcod bite was good but not as good as it has been. The anglers released a lot of shakers. The biggest ling went 18 1/2 pounds. The rockfish bite was slower also, with just over 1/2 limits/ We did get an ocean whitefish going 7 pounds,” said Jones. On July 26, the anglers experienced a beautiful day on flat calm seas. “It was a perfect day for going long range rockfishing down to Lopez Point,” said Jones. “The passengers landed 25 lingcod to 25 pounds, with many going over 20 pounds, and limits of rockfish. The size of the olives was impressive...up to 5 pounds. We saw some beautiful vermillion to 8 pounds and the coppers were quite large also.” Rockfish and lingcod action has also been good for boats leaving from Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf. The 31 anglers aboard the Caroline on August 6 landed ¾ limits of rockfish and 33 lingcod, while the 17 fishermen aboard the Caroline the previous day bagged half limits of Aug. 18 - Sept. 1, 2017 Half Moon Bay Sportfishing and Tackle Light Tackle Rockfishing 650-728-3377 • Salmon Fishing (when allowed) • • Whale Watching • • Nature Trips • • Full Bait and Tackle Shop • Pillar Point Harbor 5 Miles North of Half Moon Bay Coast Guard Approved - Professi