Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3620 September 15-30, 2017 - Page 4

2 Sept. 15 - 30, 2017 “When I am fishing a frog or flipping matted vegetation, I am throwing the new X-TCB 8 Carrier Braided Line form P-Line. It is critical to be stealthy with both techniques, and with P-line’s new braid, you can make longer casts and it is ultra quiet com- ing through the grass.” – Bass Pro Bryan Thrift PRO’S POINTER GO FOR IT! VOL.36 • ISS. 20 HOT BITES... 1. BODEGA BAY LINGCOD… Excellent lingcod and rockfish action is on tap. Bar jigs and large natural baits tempt the lings, while shrimp flies and small swimbaits fool quality rockfish. 2. SACRAMENTO RIVER KINGS… Big beautiful kings ranging 15 to 30 lbs are showing up from Los Molinos to Red Bluff. Back trolled Flatfish and boon doggled roe draw strikes. 3. DELTA STRIPER TROLLING… The fall run is on and trollers are hooking 20 to 30 fish per day. For bass that range up to 45 lbs anglers are pulling minnow plugs in the San Joaquin and Sacramento. 4. HAT CREEK TROUT … Rainbows, brookies and browns are on a good bite on the upper part of the stream. Worms, Panther Martins and Mike’s eggs are all working. GOOD BETS... Tactical . GETting it done. as an angler, success depends on the tactical decisions MADE long before you get to the water. You need every possible advantage to compete with the serious anglers of today. that BEGINS with your line. derived using the latest in raw material and extrusion advancements, TACTICAL DELIVERS Longer casts, extreme invisibility AND UNEQUALLED KNOT STRENGTH. head to the water spooled with the strongest, and most supple fluorocarbon. AWARD WINNING TACTICAL FLUOROCARBON. Available in 6-20lb. Test ~ 200 yard spools. 5. FEATHER RIVER KINGS… The outlet is ground zero for bank anglers to battle salmon. Fish to 25 lbs and more are grabbing beads and spinners for anglers fishing early. 6. MELONES ‘BOWS… Trollers are hammering rainbows to 6 lbs. The trout are feeding heavily on shad, so shad pattern spoons are the way to go. 7. WINCHESTER BAY KINGS… Chinooks are holding in the bay as they prepare to run up the Umpqua. Trollers are hooking fish while pulling rigged herring. 8. LAKE BERRYESSA CATS… Whiskerfish to 25 lbs are on the prowl. For the largest fish live crawfish and shiners are the best baits, but sardines, mackerel and liver work too. SLEEPERS... 9. BUCKS LAKE KOKANEE… The kokanee bite is still on and limits of salmon in the 12 to 13 inch class are the rule. Paulina Peak hoochies and dodgers are doing the damage. 10. SUISUN BAY STURGEON… Sturgeon are on the bite, but few anglers are fishing for them. To hook up soak salmon roe and eel in deep water areas during the outgoing tide. 11. GOLDEN GATE BOTTOMFISH… Limit style fishing for big rockfish and lingcod is delighting anglers. The Farallon Islands and surrounding waters offer the best fishing. P-Line Pro-Staffer scott martin Record 8-time FLW Tour Winner AT Lake Cumberland 12. LAKE DEL VALLE CATS… Summer is winding down, but the channel cats are still biting. Soak mackerel, anchovies or night crawlers for fish to 11 lbs. COMING SOON... 13. COLLINS LAKE TROUT… Late October is a great time to target holdover rainbows. Toss dough bait and inflated worms from the bank for fish that range up to 8 lbs. 14. PYRAMID LAKE OPENER… The trout season at Pyramid Lake kicks off on October 1. Double-digit cutthroats will be up for grabs for jiggers and trollers. 15. KLAMATH STEELHEAD… October should be a good month for steelhead. Conventional anglers will score with both roe and back trolled plugs. 16. SMITH RIVER STEELHEAD… Steelheading []\YۈHZ][X[X\[XZ[[X\H\[[ۂHۙ][ۜˈH[XHY\˂˔ S[KB S[HH\\X[[ B M M N