Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3620 September 15-30, 2017 - Page 22

20 FRESHWATER Sept. 15 - 30, 2017 FRESHWATER REPORTS: VOL.36 • ISS. 20 hook largemouth and smallmouth bass at Trinity, Brady recommended tossing top water lures such as Pop-Rs and Zara Spooks really early and late in the day. “The best places to target are the mouths of the tributaries where both the bass and trout are seeking cooler water in the hot water,” said Brady. Trinity Lake is holding 2,447,650 acre-feet of water, 77 percent of capacity and 105 percent of capacity. - Dan Bacher CONTINUED FROM PG 19 LAKE TAHOE Macks Hold Center Stage, As ‘Koke Bite Slowly Develops SOUTH LAKE TAHOE -  Late summer fishing at Lake Tahoe is slow to fair depending on the day. Mackinaw continue to be the mainstay, but kokanee are starting to show up more frequently. Most of the mackinaw being caught these days are smallish keepers in the 3 to 5 pound range, with the occasional 10 to 12 pounder showing up. Rigged minnows teamed with dodgers are the top offering for macks at this time trolled 150 to 230 feet deep, although some anglers have been hooking a few large fish speed trolling with minnow plugs early and late. Kokanee to 18 inches are showing up at the south end of Tahoe for anglers pulling pink or orange Wedding Rings teamed with Vance’s Dodgers but the fishing has been very inconsistent so far. Bank anglers have been rounding up a few rainbows while fishing the Cave Rock area. Inflated worms work best, but Kastmaster and Krocodile spoons are producing some fish early and late in the day when the sun is off the water. The bite is tough when the water is glassy and is best with a moderate amount of surface chop. Captain Shaun of Shaun’s Guide Service has been plying the waters of Donner Lake with a good level of success. Shaun’s clients have been nailing limits and near limits of feisty kokanee, along with the occasional mack. WEST DELTA Fall Striper Fishing Kicks Off Early WESTERN NEVADA Great Basin Rivers Remain Best Option RENO - The Truckee River is flowing at 470 CFS in the Reno area, the Carson River is at 155 CFS near Carson City, and the West Walker River is flowing at 220 CFS while the East Walker is at 320 CFS. All of these are excellent flows for trout fishing in the Western Great Basin. All of these rivers have received healthy plants of NDOW catchable size trout. Urban areas tend to be heavily fished, and the recently planted trout get caught quickly in the more accessible areas. The Truckee River is seeing moderate amounts of angling pressure. Most of the pressure is coming from local anglers plying the water with either fly gear or spinning gear in the downtown area. Fly fishermen are having success using short line high stick nymphing tactics. These anglers often catch the biggest trout these rivers have to offer. Meanwhile, spinning rod enthusiasts are tossing spinners like gold and black Panther Martins and having success on mostly freshly planted trout. However, trophy trout fans can score on a larger grade of fish drifting live crawdads or tossing natural colored Rapala’s. Other options in the Great Basin include the Lower Humboldt River below Rye Patch Reservoir. A large channel catfish over 20 pounds was reported from the tailrace below Rye Patch Dam. 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