Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3620 September 15-30, 2017 - Page 17

MAP FEATURE VOL.36 • ISS. 20 Fuller/Rucker/Spaulding/Lake Valley Reservoir Facts Directions: Take Hwy. 20 from I-80 for 2.3 miles. Turn right on Lake Spaulding Road, then 0.5 mile to area. Fuller, Rucker & Blue Lakes Nevada County il Tra To Grouse Ridge Area Lakes Sp au Spillway 5464‘ Spillway 5462‘ ldi ng Tu n Zion Hill 6204 ne l Fuller Lake Rucker Lake: offers 7 dispersed, walk-in campsites (fee), fishing, swimming. Non- motorized boating only is allowed here. Largemouth bass, brown bullhead catfish and green sunfish are the three species anglers can catch. Elevation is 5464 ft. Spillway 5463‘ Day Use Dam Co nd Clyde Mtn 6052 uit Zion Hill Tunnel 5678 Siphon 5567 Directions: Take Highway 20 from I-80. Turn right on Bowman Lake Road, then approx 7 miles to right turn on Rucker Lake Road, (unpaved), follow signs for Camp Liahona. Lodgepole Campround, Lake Valley Reservoir: offers 35 campsites (fee), fishing, swimming, handicap accessible. Boaters have to observe a 10 mph speed limit. Anglers target brown, and rainbow trout and brown bullhead catfish. I usually do best using wacky-rigged Yamamoto Senkos or split shotting with Berkley Power Worms and other soft plastics. The CDFW planted 2,100 Goose Lake redband rainbow fingerlings in 1985. Redband trout, originating in the warm waters of Goose Lake, are uniquely adapted to survival in shallow, warm lakes not suitable for the survival of other trout and char. However, I have never seen nor heard of any trout being taken out of the warm waters of Rucker in recent years. On a trip to Rucker July 2010, my neighbor hooked two brown bullhead catfish in the 2 to 3 pound range while fishing a jig off the dam where the cats were protecting their nests. There is no boat ramp at Rucker, al- though you can carry in a float tube, ca- noe or small boat from the campground. Another option for anglers is fishing for brown bullhead catfish at Blue Lake, located at 5964 feet in elevation, on Rucker Creek above Rucker Lake Other nearby angling options nearby include Lake Spaulding and Lake Valley Reservoir. Spaulding, a beautiful Pacific Gas & Electric Company reservoir located on the South Fork of the Yuba River in Nevada County at an elevation of 5,014 feet, is known mainly for its landlocked salmon fishery, but hasn’t been plant- ed for five years. There are some wild browns in the lake, along with a sleeper population of smallmouth bass. “Spaulding is only planted with Inland Chinook, which have been in lim- ited to no availability in recent years due to low fish numbers on the Klamath. Iron Gate Hatchery has been our statewide inland Chinook hatchery for years, due to normally decent fish numbers and low incidences of disease outbreaks particu- Blue Lake Rucker Lake Rucker Creek Directions: Take Highway 20 from I-80. Turn right on Bowman Lake Road then approx 5 miles to Fuller Lake. Elevation is 5341 ft. For more information on recreation facilities on PG&E lakes, go to: environment/pge/recreation. Only) Jeep Fuller Lake: offers day use facilities and a boat ramp. The boat speed limit 10 mph. Rainbow and brown trout abound in the lake’s cold waters. Directions: Take Yuba Gap exit south from I-80 0.3 mile, turn right toward Lake Valley Reservoir and go 2.7 miles to camp. Elevation is 5800 ft. Lake Spaulding: offers 25 campsites, (13 are walk-in sites), (fee), 5 picnic sites, fishing, swimming, boat ramp, water skiing and an overflow camp. The lake is handicap accessible. Chinook salmon, rainbow trout, brown trout and a sleeper population of brown trout are available. Elevation is 5000 ft. 15 Sept. 15 - 30, 2017 Rim Powerhouse Black Oak Spring To Bear Valley Highway 20 Lake Spaulding 5040’ Dam Fishing Notes • Fuller Lake features Rainbow and Brown Trout, a mixture of holdover and planted fish. Float GV&W'2fB7V66W72&F7V6W2W6rf&WGbG'BvW@fƖW2vR&FW'2G&vF&2&V&V2BFW"֖r֗FFW&W26&Rf6r66W722W6VVCvW"&BvF7&vW'2fƖW2B7W'2&P&GV7FfRf6r2vBg&֖BvVFR&B2VVBFFRFRf"V&ǒvFW"vV6w2&WfVB66W72FFRR( "'V6W"R26Vb7W7FrVFb&vVWF&72&VVvB'&v'VƆVB6Ff6'WB&72&RFR7B&WfVB7V6W2f6vFƖvBƖPBfW76R&G27V62B6v2v&2f"FR&W7B7F7W&&G27&&G2w2BFvFW"W&W266&RvBBFW2( "&VRR2FR&6W70b&Vrp&RfV@&r2G&vFv&&rf G&W@B'&vW'2'VƆVB6Ff6&RfVBW&R&V6V@fR֖PG&g&ХFRG&B&V6VFV@WW&V6V@gVW"RfVGW&W2V"&VB6BvFW"&FBf"&&rBvW&'&vG&WB&ǒ( 6B&v( vVvRFBfR6fЦ&RFR7BfWrV'2vRfR&&ЧFVB7F6rf6B"f W"&Vv66RFWfRV6vW vƖrW6R&WGFW"f6&WGW&2B&P66RFW&&&V( Ю( G&WBbf&W27V6W2fR&VVG&VB7VFrFR7B'WB&WGW&0fR&VVfW'"FR7B6B7VFrv2#RfvW"ЦƖw2#"BƖVǒbF6Rf6&V( 6B&vFRFW"6FRbFW'7FFRg&7VFrR66RFRG&W@B'&v'VƆVB6Ff67FBPfW&W6W'f"fbFRRfW&W6W'f"&BR6&VWFgVFfW"&&w2F#6W2vPF76rWBvW$&BvF7&vW'27W'2B72V"FR&B&BF"vRG&ƖrvFvBХF'D$4U"f66ffW"7Ffb7&vW'2B'&b727W'0BVw2FR4Der27F6VB"&Ц&w2RfW6f"#r&W@SW&6VBbFRFVBB&PG&WBv&RFVBFRWB6WR`F2f"&Rf&F6F7CV&&fW"&vW"F7G&7BFRFf&W7BS#BwC6FfR4S#"SS3#3#3