Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3620 September 15-30, 2017 - Page 16

14 Sept. 15 - 30, 2017 MAP FEATURE VOL.36 • ISS. 20 Rucker Lake features good spring, summer and fall fishing for largemouth bass, along with some brown bullhead catfish and green sunfish. Photo by DAN BACHER, Fish Sniffer Staff. F Fuller and Rucker Lakes: A Unique Fall Trout And Bass Adventure uller and Rucker lakes are located at similar elevations and feature comparable conifer-studded northern Sierra Nevada scenery, but their fisheries couldn’t be more different. Fuller, situated at 5341 feet above sea level in the Yuba Gap region, is a popular cold water fishery supplied from a canal from Bowman Lake. The lake of- fers top-notch rainbow and brown trout fishing in the spring, summer and fall for bank fishermen, float tubers and boat- ers. Even during the heat of the Sierra summer, the surface water temperatures are relatively cold. Just a little over a mile away, Rucker Lake, situated at 5499.5 feet in elevation in a Sierra meadow, is a shallow, warm water lake supplied with water from Rucker Creek that drains Blue Lake. Its weed-lined waters feature not just a large population of scrappy largemouth bass, but brown bullhead catfish and green sunfish. Both Fuller and Ruck- er are natural lakes whose water levels were raised when PG&E constructed dams on them in 1970-71. Both Fuller and Rucker are also the same size – exactly 69 surface acres. Ted Samford, retired fishing guide and PG&E ditchtender, first made me aware of the fine rainbow and brown trout fishing available at Fuller Lake and the excellent bass action on tap at Rucker Lake when the Fish Sniffer staff had a trip to Spaulding over 20 years ago. After I experienced a slow morning of trolling at Spaulding, Samford recommended bank fishing Fuller for a couple of hours after we finished a barbecue. I had a great time catching rainbows on lures and bait and I was impressed by a couple of anglers who brought in a bunch of browns while trolling flies throughout the lake. I love making an annual shore fishing trip to these two lakes, since I can have a ball catching trout and bass the same day. I have caught my limit of rainbows several times while fishing at Fuller, while I have experienced some epic bass days at Rucker. I have experienced my top action on trout at Fuller while fish- ing 1/8 oz. Kastmasters, rainbow Power Bait and nightcrawl- ers. Fly fishing is ex- cellent here also. One fisherman on one of my m