Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3703 Jan 18-Feb 2 2018 - Page 6

4 FRESHWATER Jan 18 - Feb 2, 2018 VOL.37 • ISS. 03 FRESHWATER REPORTS ALMANOR LAKE Fishing Fair, Pressure Light CHESTER - With the exception of a few locals, there is nearly zero fishing pressure at Lake Almanor. There is a decent chance for visiting anglers to hook up with rainbows and maybe a bonus brown, but the first challenge is making a trip to the lake and braving the cold, often breezy conditions. If you are a troller looking for trout, the East Shore is a smart option. “In the early to middle stages of winter, I typically do best with either Arctic Fox flies or soft plastics. The trout will be feeding on pond smelt in the top 20 feet, so that’s where you’ll want to make your presentation. The water is cold, so a slow troll usually works best,” advises Bryan Roccucci of Big Daddy’s Guide Service. Local anglers working from the bank are having fair results while fishing Geritol Cove near the dam. For rainbows PowerBait, Zeke’s Sierra Gold and Power Eggs will do the trick. For a shot at a brown, inflated worms or natural colored salmon eggs work the best. If you’d like to hit Almanor with Bryan Roccucci of Big Daddy’s Guide Service, give him a call at (530) 283-4103. AMAD =H1-)%ӊé I܁Qɽ)Q)%=9L Ʌ܁ɽЁɔѡ)ɕ݅ɐЁ1ȁɥѡ)AU 1% M5%9IL9Y9QL) U11Q%8 =I) ɽ՝)Qe) )͡ɵé]ɕ͔))Յ5ɍ)) -M=8I9 !I%!=Q09 M%9<)AIM9QL1hiA1%8%8 =9 IP$))Յഁ)ͽIɥ́ɥ)əɵɽ1iиȁɔ)ɵѥѡͥЀȴظ9Q QI=UP91IL !119)Q=UI959PP1-AI$$)5ɍ̰Q9 QɽЁ) QɹЁQȁݥ٥ͥЁ1)Aɑ%ԁٔɽЁ͡׊e݅ЁѼ)ѥєѡ́܁ЁٕиQɔݥ)͠ɥ̰ȁɅ́́䁙ո)ȁɔɵѥȁѼͥؤ()M I59Q<%9QI9Q%=90MA=IQM5;eL)aA<P 0aA<$$$))ՅİQ́́ѡ )ЁѼ ѼɸЁݡӊé܁ѡ)ݽɱչѥ͠QMɅѼ%MM)́չɕٕ́́́镹́)ɐѥ̸͕ȁɔɵѥ)ѡЁЁܹ͕̹)M I59Q<%M!I5;eL]I!=UM)M5%9H$$$$))Յ԰Qѽݥ́͡ݥѠ)ݥ̸Q͕ȁх́Ѐ؁ѡѽɔ)́ѕЀԁͽ ِMɅѼ)ɔɵѥؤȴ)) -M=8I9 !I%!=Q09 M%9<)AIM9QL5 -99%Q %8 =9 IP$))Յܰ)ͽIɥ́ɥ)əɵɽ5-Ѡи)ɔɵѥѡͥЀȴظ)EU%0MM=8 1=ML$$($))ՅఀQՅ͕ͽ͕́хє)ݥȁѠչхمՅȁɔ)ɵѥЁѡ ɹ\ݕͥє)ܹظ)Յ)9Q QI=UP91IL !119)Q=UI959PPM8A 1