Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3703 Jan 18-Feb 2 2018 - Page 23

FRESHWATER VOL.37 • ISS. 02 Jan 18 - Feb 2, 2018 New and Unique Downrigger Accessories and Lures From Bottom Line Tackle B ottom Line Tackle is a web-based company that designs and sells some very unique and practical fresh and saltwater fishing accessories for Northern California. I received a few items to test, and I must say they are excellent products. Their downrigger release is one of the best I have ever seen. It comes complete with a no slip stacker for the downrigger cable, a small release clip perfect for trout and kokanee, and all stain- less steel hardware. It also has a Hi Vis float incorporated into the line to make your release clip float on the surface so it is easily reachable over the side of the boat. And this quality stacker release is priced at only $9.65 The other unique item is Bottom Line’s No Snag tubular downrigger weight with a built- in thermometer! I have been using tubular weights for some time, and I love how they bounce off the bottom without getting hung up like traditional weight. I have used this one with the side strip thermometer a few times this fall and found it to be very accurate – it agrees with my depth finder on the surface Handcrafted Tackle designed for fishing the Western U.S.! Bottom Line Tackle has created new and unique tackle and lures for both Freshwater and Saltwater fishing: Premium trolling spoon with 7 light reflecting faces for superb vibration for Big Trout, Salmon and Pyramid Lunkers! Sierra Gold Hand painted Kokanee and Trout Spinners See our huge selection of colors and styles No-Snag tubular Stainless Steel Dowrigger weight with built-in Thermometer! Available from 5 to 15 pound weights, starting at only $40 Light Dancers Twin Blade Trout spoons -- troll, cast or jig them! Premium No Slip Stacker release with Stainless Steel hardware $9.65 each! and Float! Dominator 8 oz Saltwater Jigs -- for solid Hook Ups on all Rockfish See all this and more at our website: email: 3703 Since 1978 our name says it all! Fish Rite Has The RIGHT Boat For You! FISH-RITE BOATS W hether fishing bays and deltas or cruising shorelines to trolling for trophy trout, Fish Rite has the perfect boat for you. From the Performer, Stalker, River Master and Fish Master Models, Fish Rite has just the right size and features that will make your boating experience memorable and enjoyable. Few other heavy gauge all welded aluminum boat on the market match Fish Rite’s performance and craftsmanship. Fish Rite boats offer premier fit and finish, clean strong welds, hand-tailored canvas and fishermen friendly layouts. It’s the attention to detail that makes Fish Rite among the best-looking boats and more importantly the best performing boats on the water! Tiller Driven Performance If tiller driven simplicity and perfor- mance are what you are looking for in a new boat, the River Master and Fish Master Series are perfect for you! The River Master comes in lengths from 18 to 22 feet and is capable of handling engines with up to 250 horse power. The Fish Master is the River Master’s smaller brother with a max length of 17 feet and a 70 horse capability. Classic Wind Shield Designs If a full blow wind shield boat is your style Fish Rite offers the Stalker and Performer lines. Performers have a top end length of 22 feet and can handle 225 horse motors. The Stalker is a nimble 16 feet in length and can be mated with a 90 horse motor. Here in