Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3703 Jan 18-Feb 2 2018 - Page 20

18 Jan 18 - Feb 2, 2018 FRESHWATER REPORTS: CONTINUED FROM PG 14 SACRAMENTO AREA cont. Two anglers, Chris Jeffries and and Frank Adams, landed four stripers in the 6 to 9 lb. range while targeting white sturgeon with ghost and grass shrimp at the Mothball Fleet in Suisun Bay on the last trip by Tim Boggs of Elkhorn Outdoor Sports in Rio Linda. They also released two green sturgeon to 55 inches on the same trip. On the previous trip, Mel Gelette, who also works at the shop, landed a 59 inch sturgeon and three stripers to 8 pounds while soaking eel and ghost shrimp in Suisun Bay. “We had a lot of bites on both trips,” added Boggs. Skyler Fulster at Broadway Bait Rod & Gun reported slow striper fishing in the Port of Sacramento in the new year, with only a couple of guys reporting heading over there. Anglers interested in catching fish in the port and deepwater channel this time of year should fish mudsuckers, pileworms and jumbo minnows from the bank. - Dan Bacher FRESHWATER VOL.37 • ISS. 03 SANTA CLARA VALLEY LAKES Drag Jigs, Drop Shot Rigs For Calero Largemouths COYOTE - Largemouth bass and crappie are available to anglers despite cold temperatures and low water levels. Dragging a jig and using soft plastics were the top recommended methods for bass this week, according to Alex Tran at Coyote Bait and Tackle. “Uvas is probably the best lake right now for bass. Dragging a jig or using a drop shot is working really good. Texas rigging a creature bait like a baby brush hog or a senko is working too,” Tran tipped. “Calero is open to boating. On top of jigs and finesse, try a Keitech swimbait rigged on a 1/4 or 1/2 ounce jig head. You can also try rip baits or a lipless crankbait during last part of the day when the bass are sunning themselves in shallower water.” “Anderson has been ok for the bank guys on steep drop offs. Try a jig or toss rip baits,” he said. “Uvas is putting out both bass and crappie. Guys are buying the medium This angler took a Lake Shasta trolling trip with Jeff Goodwin this fall and landed this huge rain- bow while trolling a Sling Blade Dodger teamed with a Hum Dinger Spoon. Photo courtesy of MACK’S LURE. minnows. An eight pound bass was caught recently and they’re catching some nice crappie too,” Tran related. Catfish interest and action continued to be slow. - Roland Aspiras SHADOW CLIFFS LAKE 16 Lb. Channel Cat Leads Catches PLEASANTON – While rainbow trout have dominated the fishing at Shadow Cliffs Reservoir, it was a huge catfish that led the Holiday Season catches. DeVon Burns of San Jose caught a 16 lb. channel catfish late in the afternoon while soaking nightcrawlers. DeVon also landed a 6.10 lb. catfish while using nightcrawlers for trout, reported Joe Sullivan of the East Bay Regional Park District. A very happy Ruben Mendez of Sunnyvale caught a 6.5 lb. trout on pumpkin PowerBait while fishing by the 1st dock. Ron Dale of Livermore caught 3 trout and 1 catfish on PowerBait on the Stanley shoreline. Sam of Pleasanton caught his limit of trout bait fishing on the east side of the main lake. Eric Ouyang caught a limit of trout on his boat by using PowerBait. Lim Wellington caught his limit on his boat while using PowerBait. David of San Jose was fishing left of the boat launch when he landed a 20-inch trout on PowerBait. Ruben Mendez of Sunnyvale caught a 6.5 lb. trout while fishing left of the boat launch with pumpkin PowerBait. Mike Jones was out in his boat when he caught a limit of trout on Christmas Eve. “The weather has been very nice with