Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3703 Jan 18-Feb 2 2018 - Page 19

Rossmoor Bar Upper Sunrise Fish Hatchery Sacramento Bar Palm Dr. Elmanto Rd can d om ls Fo Blv River Bend Park Bike Path Parking Major Put-in & Take-out Point Cartops/Drift Boats A r ri me Zin l D de fan O ir Fa r ve Ri Powerlines lvd s B ak Rancho Cordova Van Alstine Sarah Kenneth River an ric e Am Landis Ave. El Camino Ave. Fish Screen Sailor Bar Fair Oaks Blvd Marconi Ave. ad Ro Winding Way Pennsylvania Sunset Avenue Fair Oaks Carmichael Lower American River Facts Wilm. B. Pond Rec. Area Location: The 23 miles of the American River from Nimbus Dam to its junction to the mouth are located in the heart of the Sacra- mento metropolitan area. The entire river is accessible to bank anglers and boaters, since it is located in the beautiful American River Parkway. The parkway is located in a protected greenbelt that cuts Sacramento County in half. It features a paved bicycle and running trail, many rest areas and access from most neighbor- hoods adjacent to the river parkway. Fishing Season: The section from Discovery Park to the SMUD powerline at the Southwest Boundary of Ancil Hoffman Park, is open year round to fishing for all except for salmon. The river above the SMUD powerline to the Hazel Avenue Bridge is open to fishing to steelhead and other fishing other than salmon from Jan- uary 1 through October 31. The salmon fishing season is set at the Fish and Game Commis- sion meeting every spring. In 2016, the salmon season ran from July 16 to December 31 except for the small section of river from the Jibboom Street Bridge to the mouth that closed on December 16. Review the California Fresh Water Sport Fishing Regulations Booklet for bag and possession limits, hook restrictions and addi- tional restrictions: Day Use: The entrance fee for vehicles under 22 feet in length is $5.00, except on summer holiday weekends when the fee is $8.00. The fee for trailer or vehicle 22 or more feet in length is $10.00 ex- cept for summer holiday weekends when the fee is $13.00. Annual Fees: Vehicle (private or commercial - $50.00 Motorized watercraft and trailer plus vehicle pass - $100.00. Boat launching: Concrete boat ramps are available at Discovery Park, Howe Avenue, Watt Avenue and Sunrise. Unimproved gravel launching is available at Gristmill, Ancil Hoffman, Rossmoor and other areas on the river. The fee for non-motorized watercraft is $3 (plus vehicle fee) and the fee for motorized watercraft is $5 (plus vehicle fee).
 Park information:, Sacramento County De- partment of Regional Parks, Recreation and Open Space Admin- istration, 3711 Branch Center Rod, Sacramento, CA. 95827. For General Parks, Golf and Rangers Information, call (916) 875-6961. Fishing Information: Fisherman’s Warehouse, Sacramento, (916) 362-1200; Elkhorn Outdoor Sports, Rio Linda, (916) 991-5298; Broadway Bait Rod & Gun, Sacramento, (916) 448-6338, Sacramen- to Pro Tackle, (916) 925-0529. Fishing Guides: Jerry Lampkin, T.N.G. Motor Sports Guide Ser- vice, (530) 320-0994 17 Jan 18 - Feb 2, 2018 MAP FEATURE VOL.37 • ISS. 02 Ma the r F American River Steelhead iel d R oa d Sacramento County d om ls Fo Blv Fishing Notes • Steelhead - Fishing is best from January through mid-April, though fish are also caught in the fall before the salmon    spawning closure goes into effect. Use Glo Bugs, night crawlers, salmon roe, spinners and Lil Cleos while bank fishing or    wading. Driftboaters do well pulling Wee Warts and Hot Shots or back bouncing. roe. • Striped Bass - Available in the deeper hole for anglers bait fishing and using top water lures during steelhead season. • Consult California Freshwater Sport Fishing Regulations booklet for open seasons, bag limits and gear restrictions.    steelhead year on record, eggs, over their goal of 9 million eggs to on the river. In the fall of 1977 during the but way below the 2,000 produced 4 million salmon smolts. height of that drought, one angler caught a to 4,000 steelhead that In addition to the Chinooks, the hatch- 4-foot-long leopard shark while fishing for have returned to the ery staff saw something that they haven’t steelhead in Nimbus Basin, the Sacramen- hatchery in banner years. seen before – two pink (humpback) salm- to Bee reported at the time. The salmon season on returned to the facility. “This is the first While steelhead and salmon num- ended on the American time ever in my 15 years that I’ve seen bers are below normal this season on the River on December 31, pinks,” said Novak. “Both were males and American River, it’s good to put things but few anglers were about 20 inches long.” in perspective. Without the many fishery targeting Chinooks in the Pinks are occasionally caught by restoration efforts over the decades by last month of the season anglers on the river. I remember over 20 the Save the American River Association, and had already switched years ago when one guy walked into Fran as well as those by the former United over to steelhead. & Eddy’s Sports Den in Rancho Cordova Anglers Association and American River The salmon run on the with two pink salmon that he had landed Guides Association, there might be no American “wasn’t very vRf6r'W2&66"7FVVƆVBVgBFR&fW"rvN( FRfb#rvWfW"FRF6W'FF( B6VPWN( 2RvRvWBvWBV'fV"Ч6Bf66WR6ƖRFW6rFP'V'B&6FG&r&R7FVVƆV@( vR&V6VBW"vGv'W2f6F6W'7FffW'27vVBfVR7FVVƆV@F6W'vV"fW"FR7BGvV'2 WFR&fW"( 2B&fFR'VFBvFW V'"f"Vvw2( 6BfF@FW6VP琦6VЧ6bvB&V&rB7vr6FF0F'D$4U"f66ffW"7Ffb( 'WBvRWfW"6rFPFR266WW2B6V6f"6B7FVVƆVBF27&r7VЦ&r&&&2bf6&Vp&V( BFR7BVW7Vf6WfW'6Vv@W"Bff6vVB6R&6bvR&6VBFVBF6W'FBvR6VP&ǒRFW6@FRF6W'7W'&VFǒvRfR0f62&WB&f b7vrFW6Rf6F&W6RFPFR&fW"( Ц7W'&VB7G&b7FVVƆVB( ХF2V"FW7BV"vBV&W"bF6P6VFV@2S2V&V@6VF6W'f6&WGW&VBFFPPGV@62@F6W''WBF2V"ǒR2&VV2S V&V@fVP&W'FVBFFFRBFRf6ƗGGVB62BpFRFgFW"FRVW"vVBFV&VB62B#`FR'W2f6F6W'F6V6W@V&VB2FR7FVVƆVB7vrFRf6ƗGF@FW6G&V@FG&VB3bW2BCfVW2ࣃC &VBW2@&fVVBfW"7BV"vVW7Bp&VBfVW2W2BfVW2vW&R6VFVBFPpvFCB&V@G&দ60@3&V@FRF6W'2G&VBsbP2FW6R6GVB7FVVƆVBB"fVRGV@6VFVB6R6RЧ7FVVƆVBBbVFW"W2B7G&f6F@bVFW"fVW2FFFRFW6&VV6VBvBRGVB7FVVƆVBB27G&VBFFRW&Ц6&fW"( 2FR4DepvBGVBfVW2rvF2vB`vfR"Vvw2FVFW"W2B"vBbVFW 6VFf6fVW2आF6W'FRWf FBW2f"FFbb7FVVЧFV"6'FfআVBG&VBBFRf6ƗGF2V"FFRF6W'6ЦFFRFN( 2B&WGFW"FFRSf6'FRgFW&bV'fW'fWrvW'2vW&RVgBf6rFR&fW"&V6W6RbFR6r7FVVƆVB7FV7FV@bcÃsw&VVG&VB6V6#BFR&W7@F'D$4U"f66ffW"7Ffb