Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3626 Dec 8- 22 2017 - Page 6

6 Dec. 8 - 22, 2017 FRESHWATER VOL.36 • ISS. 26 FRESHWATER REPORTS and Rapalas. Lots of different colors are getting hit, but top options include, gold, gold overly cold. This means that the trout and orange, gold and red, Almanor. While there has been ALMANOR are feeling frisky and are on the feed! frog and chrome and some rain and snow, the weather Troll Fast Or Sling Bait Boaters are trolling fast for their has been very nice overall and blue. hook ups. Top lures include Speedy For Almanor ‘Bows temperatures have been pretty You can hook Shiners, large Ex-Cel spoons, large mild. As a result, access is great trout as deep as CHESTER - These are exciting Needlefish, half ounce Hum Dingers and the water temperature isn’t 30 feet, but the days for anglers fishing Lake best action is Brought taking place To You from the By surface down to 20. Fisherman’s Warehouse Bait January Continued December anglers have been JACKSON RANCHERIA HOTEL AND CASINO BLACK FRIDAY SPECTACULAR AT FISHERMAN’S WAREHOUSE finding PRESENTS MCKENNA FAITH IN CONCERT November 24-December 25, 2017- Every Friday From January 27, 2018 - Jackson Rancheria is featuring the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas at every action at a performance from McKenna Faith in concert. Fisherman’s Warehouse location there will be special assorted coves all For more information, call the casino at (800) 822- savings and you’ll pay no sales tax. Fisherman’s around the lake. 9466. Warehouse boasts three locations. In Manteca, they are The No. 1 offering located at 2201 E. Yosemite Ave. (209) 239-2248. In is an inflated night QUAIL SEASON CLOSES Sacramento find them at 9035 Folsom Blvd. (916) 362- crawler fished off January 28, 2018 - The quail season closes state 1200. In San Jose, Fisherman’s is at 1120 Branham the bottom or a wide for both mountain and valley quail. For more Lane (408) 266-6209. threaded ‘crawler information, check out the California DFW website drifted beneath a slip at JACKSON RANCHERIA HOTEL AND CASINO bobber. PowerBait PRESENTS MORRIS DAY AND THE TIME IN and Zeke’s Sierra Most anglers that head out to Lake Amador CONCERT February Gold are drawing during the fall have their sights set on trout, December 9, 2017 - Jackson Rancheria is but not Cliff. He opted to soak cut anchovies strikes too. NTAC TROUT ANGLERS CHALLENGE featuring a performance from Morris Day And The TOURNAMENT AT SAN PABLO RESERVOIR If you want a shot and pulled this huge 17 pound catfish out of the Time in concert. For more information, call the Jackson Creek Arm. He also rounded up a nice February 3, 2018- The NorCal Trout Anglers at a brown, natural casino at (800) 822-9466. stringer of bluegill. Challenge Tournament Tour will kick off the season at colored salmon Photo courtesy of the LAKE AMADOR CAFÉ, Lake San Pablo Reservoir. If you love trout fishing, you’ll FALL TURKEY SEASON CLOSES eggs or cured Amador. want to participate in these low cost events Boaters December 10, 2017 - The fall turkey season natural colored and bank anglers are welcome. There will be cash opens throughout much of the state. For more trout roe is the way Lockhart of the Lake Amador prizes, gear raffles and lots of family fun! For more information, check out the California DFW website to go. Resort. These fish will be planted information or to sign up, call (916) 768-0938. at The average fish is a 3 in Amador every day that it’s pound rainbow. The largest possible. JACKSON RANCHERIA HOTEL AND CASINO rainbows top out at 6 and there March “The fish are shallow - most PRESENTS CHEECH & CHONG WITH SHELBY have been some browns in the are being caught in the top 5 ft CHONG NTAC TROUT ANGLERS CHALLENGE mix too. of water and relatively close to December 15, 2017 - Jackson Rancheria is TOURNAMENT AT LAKE PARDEE If you’d like to book a guided featuring a performance by Cheech & Chong. For shore,” said Lockhart. “PowerBait March 3, 2018 - The NorCal Trout Anglers trip on Lake Almanor, give more information, call the casino at (800) 822- Challenge Tournament Tour will visit Lake Pardee. and nightcrawlers are still working Bryan Roccucci of Big Daddy’s 9466 If you love trout fishing, you’ll want to participate in the best, but crappie jigs have Guide Service a call (530) 283- this low cost event. There will be cash prizes, gear been doing well also.” GENERAL PHEASANT SEASON CLOSE 4103. raffles and lots of family fun! For more information The points have been December 24, 2017 - The general pheasant or to sign up, call (916) 768-0938. producing well for shore anglers, season closes throughout much of the state. For while boaters are reporting the top more information, check out the California DFW SACRAMENTO BOAT SHOW action in the Jackson Creek. The AMADOR LAKE website at March 8-11, 2018 - Cal Expo - Thursday and trolling action hasn’t picked up yet; Friday 11-8 pm, Saturday 10 am - 8 pm, Sunday Trout Derby Begins most boaters are bait fishing. January 10 am - 6 pm For more information, contact The lake level is 24 feet from IONE – The annual Lake, 916-372-4239. JACKSON RANCHERIA HOTEL AND CASINO full. The lake came up 2 feet Amador Tagged Trout Derby PRESENTS LEZ ZEPLIN IN CONCERT since the latest storms., reported SANTA ROSA FISHING TACKLE AND DUCK DECOY SHOW started on November 24 and January 20, 2018- Jackson Rancheria is featuring Lockhart. March 9 and 10, 2018 - This is the place to go will run through March 4. The a performance from Lez Zepplin in concert. For - Dan Bacher for antiques, collectables, new and used tackle one-time entry fee is $7.00. more information, call the casino at (800) 822- and much much more. The event will take place Over 300 tagged trout will be 9466. at 1351 Maple Ave in Santa Rosa. For more planted. Over $5,000 in cash information, call (707) 539-3662. SACRAMENTO INTERNATIONAL and prizes will be available. AMERICAN RIVER SPORTSMEN’S EXPO AT CAL EXPO More inf ɵѥ耠䤀д)I9<) =P)9)I IQ%=8)M!=\$)MMѕ))ՅİQ́́ѡ ()5ɍشఀٕ䁽ёȁ́)ЁѼ ѼɸЁݡӊé܁)Q)1))Iͽ)5Mݥ)ɕɕѥѡͥЁݥɕєѡI)ѡݽɱչѥ͠QMɅѼ)))ѽ(Ѽ) ЀIɕѥ%Ё́ѡѕ)M I59Q<ѕ)%MM܁́չɕٕ́́(̸ɽЁ5)ё)))ͽɥ̰)ٕɔ))ݹ)ѡɕɹձЁ)́镹́ɐѥ̸͕ȁɔ)ѡɽ՝ɥ䰁ѥѡ)Ʌٕ̰ۊḛɅ́ɔQ)ո ͅѡЁэ)ɵѥѡЁЁܸ)эɅѕ̸)ٕЁݥЁѡI ٕѥ ѕȸ)ѡ 9ѥ͠)͕̹)9܁ѡЁѡ͠ɽѡ)ȁɔɵѥԤԴȸ)!э䀡 9 ѱ ɕ)éͥєэ䁡ٔ)а9́͠!э)ѕѡ)ɕ ձѥ ɐ)ЁMÚQ%)хɔ܁ݹɥ)́ոѽѡ)Ḿѡх́ȁ͕ȰՈѥѽɹЁȁѡȁٕ)Iٕȁոͅ)ɕ͕ٽȁݥѠ5и1͕ɽи)A͔܁ȁЁݕѥȁɥѥ̀Ёɕٕɥݼݕ́ɥȁѼՉѥє)Q䁡́Ʌ԰)=9ٕȀȰ5и1͕)MѼQ!%M M9%HāՉɸ ِİ ́!̰ )́Ѽєѥ)Ѐаչ́Ʌ)Ѡѡ ()ѡэ丰ɕѕ1) =9Q%9U=8A)AU 1% M5%9IL9Y9QL) U11Q%8 =I)1-)5=H)QɽЁAѕ]+ IXAɬ]ѕͱ+ ɽչ͌+ɅMѽɔ) 9܁=M٥)ɥ䰁Mɑ䀘Mչ)Ё͡ɵé]ɕ͔׊eȁхɔɥ́ݡɔɔѼɽ٥)ԁݥѠЁ٥ѽȁ͕٥eȁх́ɔЁѡ ЁAɥ̄(д(1ȁȸ% )]]\1-5=H =4