Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3626 Dec 8- 22 2017 - Page 29

SALTWATER VOL.36 • ISS. 26 crabbing from the pier with snares loaded with anchovies or squid. He added, “Striped bass are still landed from the beaches and shore areas at Mussel Rock and Mori’s Point with big topwater lures such as Pencil Poppers or subsurface lures like Miki’s. Snares continue to be very popular for crabbers.” - Dave Hurley MONTEREY BAY For Big Lingcod & Rockfish, Target Point Sur, Point Lopez MOSS LANDING – Charter boat anglers are catching rockfish and lingcod off Carmel, Point Sur and further south off Point Lopez when the weather cooperates with anglers. The boats weren’t 29 Dec. 8 - 22, 2017 able to make it out of the Moss Landing and Monterey Harbors with the arrival of a storm on Sunday, November 26, but found solid action before the storm The 21 anglers on the latest trip by the Kahuna to Point Lopez caught 18 canary rockfish, 42 copper rockfish, 41 lingcod, 45 assorted rockfish and105 vermilion rockfish, reported Carol Jones of Kahuna Sportfishing. The anglers hooked the bottomfish on an array of shrimp flies, bars, jigs and swimbaits. On a trip to Point Sur on November 24, the 20 passengers landed 4 cabezon, 20 copper rockfish, 12 lingcod, 139 rockfish and 35 vermilion rockfish aboard the Kahuna. J&M Sport Fishing in Monterey also reported solid rockfish and lingcod fishing. Sturgeon fishing has been hot in Suisun Bay. This handsome keeper was landed on November 9. Photo courtesy of DRAGON SPORTFISHING, Pittsburg. This happy lady angler shows off a pair of big crabs that were caught aboard the Bass Tub on November 12. Photo courtesy of BASS TUB SPORTFISHING, Fisherman’s Wharf. Q ueen C aptain C hris s mith & C aptain J onathan s mith 56' Fiberglas Charter boat -- daily Departures from Berkeley Marina of H earts GOLDENEYE 2000 56’ High Speed Stable Catamaran Halibut•Stripers•Rockcod Captain Quang Vo Call for CRAB COMBOS! 3508 Departs Daily from The Berkeley Marina RESERVATIONS: 510-610-0888 3102 P.O. Box 39143, Ninilchik, AK 99639 Fishing: Official IGFA World Record Lingcod caught here in 2007 “Barn Door Halibut” • Salmon • Rockfish • Ling Cod Two 30’ Alumaweld Boats with Cabins and Bathrooms Clean & Comfortable, Lounge and Full Service Bar, Great Food, Conference Room, Satellite TV, Sleeps up to 24. Alaska (800) 567-1043 3622 SAN FRANCISCO - Angling pressure inside the bay was non-existent, while others tried for Gungeness crab along city beaches. “Wish I could tell you something,” exclaimed Stefanie Scott at Gus’ Discount Bait and Tackle in San Francisco. “We’ve got lots of guys coming in here, but they’re not after fish, just after crab. FW( &RvrF&W""6V&V6vF6&W2"F6f6W vF2FR7&&&r2ƗGFP6r&RvRVVBgV( 6P&VFVBvW'2&VvrFFR&RFf6rf6V&w&WfVBv@7V66W72W&6r6V&V6F2vVVvFw'V'2B6F7&'0&F&GV6r( 2&B7&0FVW7&VV6"BbW"FvsGVvVW727&"&6f6BƖv6@6rS##>( 3S3GVvVW727&'2F6G66VPf64&W 5" 4$FFwwrW'7'Ff6r6ХT5T4$TĔPFR#vW'2f6r&&BFP6V&66g&FfV&W"#BFVBƖv6BB#s&6f66vW'2&vvVBc&6f6@#GVvVW727&'2G&'FR7W &GfV&W"#"FR#RvW'0&&BFR6V&66FVBƖv6B&6f6B3GVvVW727&'2fV&W"#( ėBv2FW"w&VBFFPFW&W&FF( 6BFFBg&6W b&6FR&R6F7'WfV&W"#R( FW&RvW&RG2`&6f6BƖv6B6VvBWFR67Bऒ6rGvFffW&VBƖ'WBg&FfV'@6VvBfVWBbvFW"( FR7&"f6r&fVBV"B֖RFRvVFW"v2fB6v( 6@g&6W"शV7Fv&b7Fv&( 2f6pG&2&W'FVBFBFR#vW'2আ27B&V6VBbFG&&&BFPfV6GFVB#&6f6fbFR6F7'W6VG67BvRVr6Ч6V2F&6W b&7'Ff6rBF6PG&W46F7FWfW6f6vFvR6Фf6vFFR6֗F'&FW'2( 26b6Ɩf&( 2fW7BƖvBF6R&6f6pcSs#33sp( "6f6rvVvVB( ( "vRvF6r( ( "GW&RG&2( ( "gV&BBF6R6( "B&& R֖W2'Fbb&wwrf6v&B6Чwwr&f6r6Ф67BwV&B&fVB&fW767&Wp3RV'2WW&V6VB6F6V%gR6FUgRB4%6"v&֖( 2V6G7b6&Fu2f6fFW"ffW'2( W@6G&VB6"F7vF&VFV@&VV6'Bs"6'G2f"FR67FU2खFW&Tu2FVT#6V7FfGBF6F&ƗG6f"FWF2$DRTT5E$50#SR6VVfR6F7'W4S"3303c#0