Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3626 Dec 8- 22 2017 - Page 28

28 SALTWATER Dec. 8 - 22, 2017 VOL.36 • ISS. 26 SALTWATER REPORTS: rockfish north of the harbor despite a heavy swell over the Thanksgiving holiday. - Dave Hurley CONTINUED FROM PAGE 31 BODEGA BAY cont. the lings are clearly on the snap. This is also true for rockfish with limits all around on every trip, and we must have put in over 10,000 crab since the November 4th opener. “On one trip this week, our clients scored 48 limits of rockfish, 48 limits of ling cod to 25 pounds, and 480 crab (limits) south of Point Reyes. It doesn’t get any better than this. The commercial crab gear has not been competing with our pots since they are setting their gear in a number of different locations, and we are willing to move our gear around to keep on top of the crab,” said Powers. Captain Jeff Carmella of the Samantha Irene said, “The big lings have moved into the Ft Ross / Timber Cove areas, as we are seeing some bigger females the past few days with limits of both rockfish and lings the rule.” On the private boat front, Tom and Davis Uslan of Clarksburg took out their new 21-foot North River for limits of quality HALF MOON BAY Rockfish, Lingcod Lead San Mateo Coast Angling Parade EL GRANADA - Dungeness crab season was a big hit during the first few weeks after the opener on November 4th, but the arrival of the commercial pots and their 24-hour pulls has put a damper on the success of recreational anglers. It was all about quality with some of the best grade of Dungeness in years, but the quality and overall biomass of crab has been found wanting. Out of Half Moon Bay Sport Fishing, rockfish-only trips are producing limits of rockfish and a healthy lingcod count. Sherry Ingles suggests that since they only run rockfish trips, anglers can purchase crab from the commercial fishermen on the docks. A recent trip by the Queen of Hearts yielded 210 rockfish and 27 lingcod for 30 anglers, while a trip by the Riptide produced 158 rockfish, 13 lingcod and 2 cabezon for 16 anglers. Captain Tom Mattusch of the Huli Cat is the only large boat taking crab/rockfish combinations, and he said, “It was good while it lasted, but we get excited right now when we pull a pot with four crab in it. The rockfishing for school fish in the shallows from 60 to 100 feet has been outstanding, and with the big lings moving to the nearshore, our clients have picked up some huge lings over 20 pounds on recent trips.” “However, the crab limits are a thing of the recent past with an average of 4/crab per angler over the past week. We will continue to run crab-only and crab/rockfish combinations until the rockfish closure on December 31st, and the crabbing might improve as several commercial boats have either headed north or are running to Southern California to target other species,” he said. Further north in Pacifica, Rob Chaney of the Rusty Hook in Pacifica reports continued good Big lingcod have been on the bite outside the Golden Gate. This 25 pound fish was caught on November 17. Photo courtesy of CALIFORNIA DAWN SPORTFISHING, Berkeley. 2018 SPORTFISHING Calendar Dealer Inquiries Invited On Sale Now! G dar N I H S I F T R n Tide Cale S PO 2018 B ill V arney's featuring D ecember Fish (Whatevertheheck his name is) Photo courtesy of Somebody Photo description and caption goes here... Photo description and caption goes here... Photo de- scription and caption goes here... Photo description and caption goes here... Photo description and caption goes here... Photo description and caption goes here... Photo description and caption goes here... Photo description and caption goes here... ™ lines Tide Ch arts ™ Tidelines Tidelines 2 0 1 8 2017 Copyright ™ DECEMBER Tide “Never leave fish to find fish.” — Moses 1200BC SUNDAY SUNDAY 6 AM 12 6 PM MONDAY MONDAY 6 AM 12 2018 TUESDAY TUESDAY 6 PM 6 AM 12 WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY 6 PM 6 AM 12 THURSDAY THURSDAY 6 PM 6 AM 12 FRIDAY FRIDAY 6 PM Pick-up Your Copy Of Bill Varney's 2019 Sportfishing Calendar Now! Available at fishing tackle deaers and sportfishing landings all over Southern California, or check online at 6 AM 12 SATURDAY SATURDAY 6 PM TIDE CORRECTIONS Times listed are for LOS ANGELES. ANGELES For areas north and south, adjust accordingly: SAN FRANCISCO: FRANCISCO : + 2 hours, 22 minutes SANTA BARBARA: BARBARA : + 22 minutes SAN DIEGO: DIEGO : - 10 minutes 1 6 AM 12 6 PM SUN Rise 6:40 Set 4:45 Limits of big crabs have been the norm for charter bo